Arizona Cardinals Power Ranking Round Up

I've refrained from posting any power rankings because I think they're pretty worthless all the time, but especially worthless early in the season. With the Arizona Cardinals officially past the half way mark and every team in the league with nine games under their belt, here's a roundup of all the power rankings from the so called experts.

NFL - Vic Carucci

6th - (previously 6th) - The Cards made beating the 49ers much more difficult than it needed to be, but they do have a virtual lock on the pathetic NFC West.

Fox Sports

8th - (8th) - It wasn't pretty, but the Cardinals avoided another Twilight Zone loss on Monday Night Football. Now with a four-game lead on the rest of the pathetic NFC West, Arizona enters uncharted territory -- duking it out with the NFC's big boys to see if they can secure a first-round bye in the playoffs, and more importantly some home-field advantage.

CBS Sports - Pete Prisco

8th - (9th) - They're going to the playoffs. Barring a late-season collapse of epic proportions, even by Cardinals standards, they will win the division. That means we'll get the treat of watching that offense more in the postseason.

Sports Illustrated - Dr Z.

13th - (13th) - Well, the game interrupted the debate they were having on ESPN Monday night, but the point finally was resolved that Kurt Warner, shunned and neglected in disgraceful fashion these last few years, is now back to claim his title as MVP, that'll show 'em! Only Tony K., of all people, pointed out that Warner was in the tank because his game was in the tank. This is what puzzles me. The bulk of his completions come when he stands tall in the pocket and drills it down the middle, short or long, doesn't matter. That happens to be the easiest throw to make. Why don't they pinch off the middle on him and make him go to the perimeters, or give him a little pressure, or reduce his comfort level? Boy, we sure do coach a great game here in front of the TV, don't we?

Cold Hard Football Facts -Jeremy Gottlieb

7th - (10th) - Thanks to another vintage performance from MVP candidate Kurt Warner (32 of 42 for 328 yards and 3 TDs), the Cardinals survived a scare from their division rivals and took complete command of the NFC West with a 29-24 win......In his last three games, Warner has passed for 1,052 yards and seven touchdowns – with just one interception....The Cardinals were doubled up in their most recent trip to Qwest Field, losing 42-21 last December. This year, Arizona should have a field day, as the Seahawks field one of the worst pass defenses in the league and the Cardinals one of the best pass offenses.

Yahoo Sports - Michael Silver

9th - Is any NFL receiver – let alone Larry Fitzgerald – worth anything close to twice as much as Anquan Boldin?


11th - (8th) - Sloppy play wasn't enough to cost the Cardinals against the 49ers, but Arizona must improve.
The average ranking is about 9th (8.85 to be exact) with the highest ranking from NFL (6th) and the lowest from SI (13th). Where would you rank the Cardinals?
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