Cardinals Making Most of Season


            Before the 2008 season, most "experts" had the Arizona Cardinals picked to lose their division, and spend another off season trying to fill in holes, plan for the draft, and wonder how the team will fare the following year. So far this season, only the most dedicated Cardinal fans knew they would be in first place and possibly be contending for a playoff spot. This could very well be the best year for the Cardinals franchise since they have been in the desert. They are on pace to break numurous records that were set 20-30 years ago. Kurt Warner is having an MVP like year, and is one of the pieces that makes the offense click. Several Cards may be playing in the Pro Bowl, and there may be Cardinal football come January. Now this is the Cardinals, and anything is possible, but the numbers don't lie. If the Cardinals were to win their next four games and assuming the other NFC West opponents lose their next three(winner of Niners/Rams would need to lose 4, Rams will probably win), that would mathmatically give the Cardinals a division win and  playoff berth. Realistcally, the other three division opponents won't lose three/four straight, and it might be a stretch for the Cards to win four in a row, but its an interesting stat. No Cardinal fan really wants to get ahead of themselves and predict the playoffs due to the nature of the franchise, but the chances of getting there feels great.

Here's how it would break down over the next few weeks:

Week 10 Result    Worst Case Scenario

Cards   6-3                            6-10
Hawks  2-7                            9-7
Rams    2-7                            9-7
Niners   2-7                            9-7

Week 11
7-3                           7-9
Hawks  2-8                           8-8 
Rams    2-8                           8-8
Niners   2-8                           8-8

Week 12(Assuming Rams Win)
Cards    8-3                           8-8
Hawks  2-9                           7-9
Rams    3-8                           8-8
Niners   2-9                           7-9

Week 13
Cards   9-3                             9-7
Hawsk 2-10                          6-10
Rams   3-9                             7-9
Niners  2-10                          6-10




<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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