Arizona Cardinals Game Breaker: Week 3 Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals

In the Week 3 contest between the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals the first quarter was a tale of two defenses fighting hard to keep two both high powered offenses from gaining any momentum. This resulted in three and outs for both teams, deep punts, and only three points scored in the first quarter (Cardinals 3 - Colts 0). The Arizona Cardinals began building momentum driving to within 10 yards of the games first touch down when the Game breaker moment turned the tide for the Arizona Cardinals. RB Tim Hightower (34) ran five yards and when tackled fumbled the ball which was recovered by the Indianapolis Colts. This shift in momentum allowed Peyton Manning and the Colts to drive the ball 90+ yards for a TD (Cardinals 3 - Colts 7). Giving the Colts a lead they would never relinquish.

Week 3 Game Breaker: @ 14:20 2nd Quarter - Arizona RB Tim Hightower (34) is tackled by Indianapolis DB Melvin Bullitt (33) and causes a fumble recovered by the Colts at the 5 yard line.



  The full breakdown after the jump. Don't miss it!


Figure 1 - The line up: WR-2 (Fitzgerald and Boldin), TE-2 ( Spach and Becht) , 1-RB (Hightower)


Figure 2 - QB Warner (13) motions TE Spach (83)...


Figure 3 - Spach sets up in the backfield as a blocker. The Colts LB's shift to the new alignment.


Figure 4 - Warner takes the snap and starts peddling back to Hightower for the hand off...


  Figure 5 - The guards and tackles of the offensive line engage the defensive line and C Lyle Sendlein (63) and Spach are unengaged and moving to make blocks...


Figure 6 - As the play develops notice the running lane develop and the whole stay open.


Figure 7 - Sendlein moves down field engaging the Colts MLB leaving the OLB to Spach...


Figure 8 - Hightower takes the hand off from Warner with a wide running lane the only defender between TH and the end zone is at the four yard line Colts DB Melvin Bullitt (33). Fitzgerald sees him and is trying to make the block...


Figure 9 - Hightower is one on one with Bullitt. Hightower sets up a cut to try to juke Bullitt, and Fitzgerald won't be able to get the block in time...


Figure 9A - Behind the line view. Notice how the ball position and how loosely TH has it secured.


Figure 10 - Bullitt doesn't fall for the juke leads the hit with his shoulder and helmet right at the ball level...


Figure 11 - After the hit Fitzgerald three Colt defenders see that the ball is loose...


Figure 12 - In the above frame the ball is loose and shows close to Fitzgerald's knee...


Figure 13 - The ball takes a bounce and now it's Fitzgerald and two Colts defenders in a three way leap for the ball...


Figure 14 - In the pile up it quickly looks like the Colts have the ball...


Figure 14A - Fitzgerald probably has his hand on the ball but the Colts have the majority of the possession...


Figure 15 - The pile up continues and the struggles in the pile begin as the Referee comes to see who has posession...


Figure 16 - The Referee begins pulling people off of the pile starting with Boldin and looking for the ball...


Figure 17 - Fitzgerald continues to fight for posession but the Ref signals Colts ball.

Watch the video of the play below...

Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals Week 3 2009 - Tim Hightower Fumble Game Breaker (via SportsBlogFan)

Will Tim Hightower have a similar bounty on his head this week? Any suggestions on an alternate Game breaker from this week? Any suggestions on how we can make this segment better?

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