Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up: Week 5

With a win on Sunday, a 49ers blowout loss, an impressive Seahawks win, and yet another loss by the Rams, there's sure to be a different look in this week's power rankings. This weekend also saw many unexpected winners and underdogs get upsets as well. Last week the Cardinals averaged 18th on most power rankings. This week, they stay at an average of 18th - go figure.

ESPN- 19th

One of these weeks, Beanie Wells will announce his arrival with a 100-yard rushing performance and a long-term spot in the Cards' offense. (Sando)


Fox Sports- 19th

THE BRIGHT SIDE: The offense will keep the Cardinals competitive throughout every game, as it showed in racing Arizona out to a 21-0 halftime lead over Houston in Week 5. THE FLIP SIDE: Unfortunately, this secondary will also keep opposing QBs in every game until the end — as demonstrated against the Texans, who stormed back to tie the game at 21-21 and nearly tied the game again in the final seconds.

What If Sports- 18th

(Whatifsports utilizes football simulation engine to present the most comprehensive and unbiased ranking possible of all 32 teams. WhatIfSports simulated every possible match up in the NFL 100 times, and used the winning percentages from those nearly 50,000 games to evaluate all teams based on their current rosters and depth charts.)

CBS Sports- 17th

They beat the Texans, but the defense is still having issues. They have to get better on that side of the ball quickly. They also aren't running the ball at all.


Bleacher Report - 19th

The Cardinals blew a 21-0 lead before scoring a touchdown late to beat the Texans. 17th

Walter Football - 19th

Yahoo Team Ranker -17th

This little ranker is actually pretty interesting. It gathers data by have you pick the winners of match ups. It continues asking you match up after match up, and based on all the yahoo users data, it compiles the rankings(which seem quite accurate might I add).

ROTB's Collective Rankings

  1. Giants
  2. Saints
  3. Colts
  4. Vikings
  5. Broncos
  6. Eagles
  7. Bengals
  8. Patriots
  9. Falcons
  10. Jets
  11. Ravens
  12. Bears
  13. Steelers
  14. Packers
  15. 49ers
  16. Cardinals
  17. Dolphins
  18. Chargers
  19. Cowboys
  20. Seahawks
  21. Texans
  22. Panthers
  23. Jaguars
  24. Titans
  25. Redskins
  26. Chiefs
  27. Lions
  28. Bills
  29. Browns
  30. Buccaneers
  31. Raiders
  32. Rams
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