Arizona Cardinals Game Maker: Week 9 Arizona Cardinals at Chicago Bears

In week 9 the Arizona Cardinals continued a very impressive road streak by defeating the Chicago Bears 41-21. In  the first half of the game we saw one of the best performances from all three units (Offense, Defense, and Special Teams) playing consistent and aggressive football.

This weeks game maker is a result of all three units working extremely well. The offense had just delivered it's fourth TD in four series with a strike from QB Kurt Warner to TE Anthony Becht giving Becht his first TD of the season. The defense then stopped an urgent drive by the Bears who were trying to reclaim some momentum just before the half but were stopped in field goal range with less than a minute left in the first half.

Leading to this weeks Game Maker...

Week 9 Game Maker: @ 0:40 2nd Quarter - CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (29) field goal block and FS Antrel Rolle's (21) catch and run setting up the offense to move into field goal position and increase the Cardinals lead to 31-7 at the half.


Full break down of the play after the jump!


Image 1 - The line up: A weak side overload with CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (DRC) (29) left unblocked with a straight shot to the kicker. CB Bryant McFadden (25) is lined up on the right side. Antrel Rolle is back in the end zone in case the kick is short. Linebackers Ali Highsmith (95) and Bertrand Berry (92) line up in case of the fake.


Image 2 - DRC turns on the speed as Gould comes in for the kick...


Image 3 - DRC leaps just as Gould plants and swings for the kick...


Image 4 - The kick is blocked! You can see the ball bouncing up off of DRC's white glove.


Image 5 - The sound of the ball being deflected is enough for everyone to know that something unexpected happened. Every Cardinal head is watching the ball to see where it is going...


Image 6 - The ball looks like it will travel some distance but fall wide right initialy. DRC lands on his back and looks for the ball...


Image 7 - The Bears lineman are watching the ball sail through the air and both parties stand to watch and see where it's going to go...


Image 8 - Suddenly they realize that it's going to be short and the Cardinals have one more trick up their sleeve. The Bears start rushing for the endzone...


Image 9 - Because they saw Antrel Rolle standing with the ball falling straight to him...


Image 10 - Rolle makes the catch, surveys the field and starts the take the ball out of the endzone...


Image 11 - He starts toward the left side...


Image 12 - But quickly cuts back to the right...


Image 13 - Due to the number of defenders on the left and blockers starting to set up on the right...


Image 14 - Bears LS Manelly (65) is the first down the field closely followed by G Omiyale (68)...


Image 15 - Rolle stops and cuts inside Manelly...


Image 16 - Causing Manelly's momentum to make him miss the tackle...


Image 17 - Ominyale charges Rolle, but Rolle uses a shoulder shake...


Image 18 - It's enough to sell Ominyale to go outside...


Image 19 - So Rolle cuts inside causing Ominyale to miss and then sees the crease created by his blockers up field...


Image 20 - Rolle heads for the crease as a Bear defender sees the gap and tries to beat him to it...


Image 21 - NT Gabe Watson (98) sees Rolle's route and moves forward to make a play saving block...


Image 22 - Rolle continues his fancy footwork and uses his vision and speed to run between two defenders...


Image 23 - Manelly is relentless and continues after Rolle, but Rolle's getting good blocking now and is continuing to make progress up the field...


Image 24 - Rolle turns on the speed...


Image 25 - In the open field and cruising the sideline as the 16 yard line...


Image 26 - DT Idonije (71) tries to force Rolle out of bounds...


Image 27 - But CB McFadden (25) makes the block and Rolle highsteps Idonije's out stretched arms staying inbounds...


Image 28 - TE Desmond Clark takes an angle to push Rolle out...


Image 29 - But Rolle cuts inside where he sees MLB Karlos Dansby (58) ready to lead block. He runs behind Highsmith and Calais Campbell making a great block and continues upfield...


Image 30 - Only the Bears Kicker is left and Rolle has Karlos Dansby and Highsmith for blockers...


Image 31 - Dansby sees Gould trying to make the tackle and heads for him to make a block. Rolle is staring him down...


Image 32 - DRC comes from the top and Rolle starts to turn inside while running, rather than just staying outside and running up the sideline...


Image 33 - Gould runs outside, side stepping Dansby's block and he's now one on one with Rolle...


Image 34 - Rolle cuts inside but due to Dansby not blocking Gould, Gould is able to get the shoe string tackle and trip up Rolle...


Image 35 - The Cardinals were one block away from an additional touchdown...


Image 36 - Rolle was brought down at the 49 yard line. The Special Teams unit is psyched for just getting their third blocked FG of the year and returning the ball this far with 22 seconds left on the clock allowing the offense one more shot to put more points on the board in the first half!


Image 37 - Well done Rolle!

Due to the excellent field position Antrel Rolle was able to pick up Kurt Warner was able to lead the Cardinals down to field goal range to tack on three more points before the half.

Was there a different play you picked as the game maker? Ware's INT in the 4th quarter? Warner to Breaston for the fifth TD of the day taking the score to 41-21?

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