Post Seahags Randomness

The Cardinals got off to a slow start but once they got the ball rolling, it was all over with. Warner was slinging, Beanie was rumbling and the defense was doing just enough to keep Bad-beck and the Seahawks off balance. Here's some randomness......

  • 51 completions on 70 attempts (72.9%) for 601 yards (8.6 ypa), seven TD's and zero interceptions (131.9 QB rating). What is that you might ask? Well that's Kurt Warner's performance since js10jj went on his little rant about how KW was basically old, washed up and needed to be benched. Considering that those are unbelievable numbers, this proves two things. First and foremost, KW is a ROTB reader (welcome Kurt, we love you) and secondly, js10 is a genuis for inspriring KW to put up beastly numbers.
  • In case you're wondering who pissed in Beanie's cheerio's during the third quarter, check out this story from Darren Urban. After collecting his 15 yard penalty, he ripped off nearly 70 yards on just nine carries and picked up both of his receptions. Lesson learned, don't piss of Beanie Wells during a game.
  • Anquan Boldin might never admit it, but that's the best he's looked in at least a month and the extra week of rest was a big reason why. That was the old Q out there yesterday and I'd rather him miss a game or two here to witness him at full strength instead of seeing him limp through game after game. Not to be lost in the glory of another win, Boldin is now the fifth fastest to 7,000 receiving yards (88 games). Congrats Q. 
  • Call me crazy but I think the pass rush is starting to come around. Sure we're talking about the Seahawks and they're terribly injured offensive line but the Cards just keep finding ways to get to the QB. We may not have a stud pass rusher that other team's truly fear but we've got five of six guys who are capable of getting there on any given play. Clark Haggans was the man yesterday registering his first two sack game since September of 2006.Karlos Dansby and Darnell Dockett each had half a sack and the ultimate veteran, Bryan Robinson got his first sack of the season. Guys like Bertrand Berry (who should have had at least half a sack) and Will Davis were bringing pressure off the edges and forcing Hasselbeck to step up into the arms of guys like DD and Haggans. All around solid performance and they did it without two starting linebackers.
  • Did somebody mention to Antrel Rolle that he's sorta playing for a new contract right now? He's been on fire the past month or so. His past five games have included 25 tackles, six passes defended and three picks and while it may have taken him longer that most of us expected, he's finally starting to look like an upper-tier free safety. He's staying back as the last line of defense, he's reading the eyes of QB's and taking good angles. Rolle could be one of those monster decisions this off season.
  • Ben Graham should go to the Pro Bowl. There I said it, I'm officially campaigning for a punter. He was booming the ball yesterday and dropped three more inside the 20, including a beautiful 51 yarder that was downed at the one yard line. Graham leads the NFC in average yards per punt (minimum 10 punts), even more than the great Andy Lee, and his net average is third (same minimum). And his cherry on top - no punter in the NFC has dropped more punts inside an opponents' 20 yard line. He'll never make it because he's not a known commodity of we should all go vote for him. 
  • Last but certainly not least, I think this win might be bigger than most of us realize. I think they could have limped through this game and blamed a close loss on missing three starters and falling behind early. Instead though they took the first blow, picked themselves back up and came out swinging. The drive following the Seahawks second TD was HUGE. At that point I thought they had two options....lay down and wait till next week or counter punch. Needless to say they outscored the Hags 31-6 from that point on. Score one for the good guys.

That's all folks. A two game lead in the West with three to play before we travel to San Fran in a game that will hopefully wrap up the division. It's time to get on a roll and start thinking about the post season.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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