Saturday Sim: Cards @ 49ers

We're back with another edition of the Saturday Sim, this time simulating the Cards going to San Francisco for Monday Night Football.  I set Madden to All-Madden level, put the quarter length on 8 minutes with a 15 second runoff, and let her rip. 

Now, obviously these simulations are rarely even remotely close to what happens in the actual game, but they're fun none the less.  This game, in my opinion, could play out very much like this one.  The way the Cardinals are playing right now, and I could see it happening.  Regardless, you'll all like the outcome, and if the actual game even remotely resembles this simulation, we'll be celebrating a 2nd straight NFC West title come Monday night!  After the jump, the Sim results:

1st Quarter:

49ers won the toss and received the ball, however Gore fumbled on first down after a vicious hit by A-Dubb, and Haggans recovers for the Cards.

Warner opened up passing, but threw an 85 yard pick 6 to Willis on 2nd down.  7-0 SF.

Cards spread the ball around as they work there way up the field.  Boldin, Fitz, Doucet, Breaston all catching passes, and with a few runs sprinkled in the Cards are in scoring position.  Warner scores on a QB sneak on 1st and goal after a 13 yd pass to Q to the 1.  7-7.

Quick 3 and out by the 49ers gives the ball back to the Cards, but they go 3 and out on 2 drops by Doucet, and the 1st Quarter is over, 7-7.

2nd Quarter:

49ers lose a 3rd down conversion on a hold, but convert the 3rd and long on a pass to Morgan to move across midfield.  Smith to Crabtree for 22 yards to the 25but after a 1st down Gore run, DRC picks off Smith in the end zone to end the threat.

After a 1st down pass to Fitz, 3 straight runs by Hightower moves the ball to the 43, where the drive stalls after a drop by Q and a hurried incompletion by Warner.

On the 1st play after the punt, Rolle intercepts Smith to give the Cards the ball inside the 20.  Warner throws a TD to Hightower on the first play for a 17 yard TD.  14-7 Cards.

49ers get the  ball back and open up in Shotgun.  A-dubb drops a pick on 1st down, DRC knocks the ball down on 2nd, and B-Mac knocks the ball down on 3rd to force a 3 and out before half.  Pass D looks really good to this point with 2 picks and several passes defended in the 1st half.

Cards run the ball 3 times, and punt with 8 seconds to go in the 1st half.  End of 2nd Quarter, 14-7 Cards.

3rd Quarter:

Cards get the kick, and on the 2nd play of the half Warner beats a CB blitz to find Breaston for a 77 yard TD pass.  21-7 Cards.

Smith to Crabtree, and Smith to Bruce move the ball into Cards territory.  But 2 straight Gore runs lead to 2 straight TFL by Haggans, and on 3rd and long and Adams sacks Smith to force the punt.

After stopping the Cards on 1st and 2nd, a Facemask gives the Cardinals a 1st down to keep the drive alive.  A Patrick drop at the 25 leads to a 3rd and long that is knocked down.  Rackers 52 yard FG attempt HITS THE UPRIGHT!   3rd Quarter Score Cards 21-7.

4th Quarter:

After allowing 2 49er 1st downs, a sack by Hayes leads to a 2nd and long completion, but a sack by Okeafor on 3rd and 10 ends the drive and the 49ers punt.

1st down 15 yarder to Q, but pressure on Warner leads to an INT by Spencer on the next play.  49ers ball on the Cards 32.

2 straight passes to Vernon Davis, and 49ers have 1st and 10 on the 12.  Gore has no room to run, and a near sack on 3rd down sets up a 4th and 7 pass that A-dubb knocks down in the end zone. 

49ers get the ball back after a 3 and out, but inside the 2 minute warning.  2 near INTs by Dansby sets up 4th and 4 with just over a minute left, and a 74 yard DRC pick 6 ends any chance of a comeback for the 49ers.  28-7 Cards.

9ers get the ball back, but 3 straight incompletions and a punt leads to the Victory formation.  Game over, 28-7 Cards win!

All in all, it was a dominant effort.  The 49ers couldn't really move the ball, and The Cards picked Smith 3 times, sacked him another 3 times, and forced a Gore fumble.  Warner threw 2 INTs, but also 2 TDs, and played a solid game overall.  I think we can all agree that an outcome like this would certainly be a welcome sight come Monday Night!  Go Cards!


Box Score:

Passing:  Ari-Warner 14/24 216, 2/2 81.2.  SF-Smith 15/29 171, 0/3 30.2.

Rushing:  Ari-Hightower 16/62, Fitz 1/7, Warner 2/-2 1 TD.  SF-Gore 12/18.

Receiving:  Ari-Breaston 4/114 1 TD, Fitz 3/28, Q 3/44, Doucet 2/14, Patrick 1/-1, Hightower 1/17 1 TD.  SF-Davis 5/49, Crabtree 3/48, Bruce 3/39, Morgan 2/26, Gore 2/14.

Sacks:  Ari- Adams, Okeafor, Hayes.  SF-none.

INT:  Ari-DRC 2, Rolle 1.  SF-Willis 1, Spencer 1.

Fumbles: A-Dub 1 FF, Hayes 1 FR.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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