Arizona Cardinals Game Maker: Week 13 Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals

What a week for the Arizona Cardinals, toppling Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football 30-17 in front of the red sea!  Many have stated the obvious, everyone in a Cardinals uniform showed up to play 60 minutes of football, and because of this it was difficult to find the one play that stands out and sums up the week 13 performance, but rest assured we did find one, it's a magnificent pass from QB Kurt Warner (13) to WR Anquan Boldin (81).

Week 13 Game Maker: @ 7:51 2nd Quarter - Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin (81) scored his second touchdown of the night on a spectacular catch and run putting the Cardinals up 14-7.


Full breakdown of the play after the jump!


Image 1 - The line up: Shotgun formation 3 WR (Left to Right: Boldin, Breaston, Fitzgerald), 1 TE (Patrick), 1 RB (Hightower). The Vikings defense is playing a nickel package with 4 DL and 2 LB, 3 CB, 2 safeties. One over the top of Fitz and one at the 30 yard line over Boldin and Patrick.


Image 2 - Notice on the left hash a LB blitz is coming down right as Cardinals Center Sendlien snaps the ball.


Image 3 - TE Patrick lines up looking like he is going to help double team Jared Allen...


Image 4 - But instead Patrick chips him and moves up field unprotected drawing the attention of the safety...


Image 5 - RB Hightower sees the blitz and runs forward to pick it up. The Vikings safety see TE Patrick open and drops down leaving a wide open area at the 30 yard line...


Image 6 - Hightower picks up the blitz perfectly. Patrick is wide open and is acting as the perfect distraction. Boldin continues fight with CB Cedric Griffin (23) up the left sideline.


Image 7 - Precious time ticking away and Warner can feel the pressure coming from the two one on one match up that Hightower and Bridges are fighting to maintain...


Image 8 - Warner sees Boldin is winning the fight up the sideline and fires a rocket pass, just as Bridges loses his man...


Image 9 - Off camera Warner takes one heck of a shot into the ground. The ball is in flight looking impossible for Boldin to catch...


Image 10 - Then Boldin cuts back and makes a jump back and inside of Griffin...


Image 10a - Griffin tries to slow as he realizes he over ran Boldin...


Image 11 - Boldin makes a spectacular catch and Griffin tries to pop it out of his hands...


Image 11a - Side view of the catch.


Image 12 - But Boldin continues his run and palms the ball in his right hand as Griffin pulls on his left arm...


Image 12a - Side view.


Image 13 - But Boldin breaks free and picks up speed toward the endzone..


Image 14 - Griffin was at a stop trying to make the tackle and tries to run to catch up. Boldin starts looking down the field...


Image 15 - Boldin crosses the 20 and secures the ball...


Image 16 - SS Tyrell Johnson runs an angle to cut Boldin off...


Image 17 - So Boldin slows...


Image 18 - Then makes a cut...


Image 19 - Boldin cuts inside Johnson as CB Asher Allen (21) and LB Henderson (56) catch up...


Image 20 - At the nine yard line Johnson goes down and Boldin sees that he needs to turn on the speed...


Image 21 - Boldin pulls the ball in tight and makes his way for the endzone...


Image 22 - He tries to angle outside to pick up every yard he can before being brought down...


Image 23 - LB Henderson is right on top of him, and Boldin is at the three yard line...


Image 24 - Boldin can feel Henderson coming down right on top of him so he stretches the ball out toward the goal line...


Image 25 - At the two!


Image 26 - Boldin dives with the ball out...


Image 27 - Crosses the goal line...


Image 28 - And maintains control! Touchdown Cardinals!


Congratulations to Anquan Boldin with his 2nd touchdown of the night! You just can not stop a healthy 81!


What other plays stood out as the game maker? MLB Karlos Dansby's INT?

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