Did the Cards Make the Right Picks in the 7th Round?

I know it seems like nitpicking to analyze the 240th and 254th picks but in hindsight there are some questions that are worth raising, besides there is nothing else to do this time of year. Over analyzing is what gets us through the off season.

So were there better choices than LaRod Stephens-Howling (LSH- If you have a hyphenated name you automatically become an acronym), and Canfield? Sometimes these late round choices are the difference between a consistent power house and a hot-and-cold franchise.

In 2008 LSH (5'7" 180) had lost his starting position to LeSean McCoy and spent the second half of his career playing on the special teams. suggested that LSH could turn into a Darren Sproles with kick return ability. He received Pitts' award as the team's most inspirational player in 2008. Even as a back up he was a leader. Not on most draft board radars, did Dave Wannstedt clue in his old friend, Whizenhunt, to a hidden diamond? With the loss of Arrington the Cards need a returner and LSH has potential to become just that so what is there not to love about the pick?

Canfield (6'5" 307) is a tough right guard with a reputation for playing nasty. He had a stellar career at Louisville and some had him being selected earlier. He has decent lateral quickness but he tends to get too high and occasionally bends at the waist which causes him to lose his balance. He has practiced some at center in college but never played the position in a game. Although the Cards have some depth at OL could Canfield be a positive addition in the future?

For me, one key question is who the Cards did not select? That kind of sets the value for me. Here is a sampling of some of the notable players that the Cards decided to take a pass on in order to select LSH and Canfield.

Ian Johnson (RB, 5'11" 212, 4.46)
Cory Sheets (RB, 5'11" 208, 4.47)
Chris Baker (NT, 6'2" 329)
Mitch King (DE, 6'2" 280)
Ricky Jean-Francois (DE, 6'3" 295)
Philip Hunt (OLB, 6'1" 244)
Antonio Appleby (ILB, 6'4" 243)
Darry Beckwith (ILB, 6'1, 234)
Dannell Ellerbe (ILB, 6'1", 236)

I think I would have been temped to taken one of the DL and Appleby with the two 7th round picks and then picked up LSH or Garvin, or both as rookie-FA. Should they have selected Sheets or I. Johnson over LSH? For me the jury is still out if the Cards made the right call in the 7th. Is LSH destined for the practice squad? Maybe. Is Canfield? Probably. I am especially interested to see how LSH looks in training camp. (Not seeing anything in OTA due to hamstring.) Will Canfield ever make an impact? Will the Cards keep 4 RB in the final 53? Hindsight is always easier. Would you have made the same pick as the Cards in the 7th?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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