Cards Madden 2010 player rankings.

With there not being much news about the Cards I started looking at some of the other stories from fellow SB sites and came across the Broncos blog Mile High Report which had a story on the 2010 player ratings for Madden NFL. It got me curious on what the Cards ratings are on the game and so I went and looked them up and got some mixed feelings on the them.

With a team that went to the Super Bowl and through out the playoffs played awesome I expected to see a lot of respect for them. Was actually excited to see what kind of respect they would get on Madden because lets face it they haven't really gotten a lot of it from the game in the past and who can blame them we did not win games. Well we finally started winning games and were the 2nd best team this past season in the NFL and I figured, finally some respect and in some ways we did but several of our players did not.

Looking at the evaluation of talent on our team by the game creators I would have to disagree with that evaluation and I bet most of you will too. Sure we are not one of the worst teams on the game anymore in fact we cracked the top ten at 8 and saying that we should be 5 or 6 is not really that big of a difference but the rating that some of the player got were kind of troubling. Player like Steve Breaston, Karlos Dansby, Neil Rackers, Bryant McFadden, Antrel Rolle, Tim Hightower, and even Chris Wells got the shaft on their rating.

Neil Rackers has had the same rating of 81 the past few years but I thought he played very good last year and would warrant a higher rating. Wells has not played yet and it is understandable that he got a rating of 79 because of it but from video I have seen of him this guy is a beast and definitely should be mid 80s. Breaston is probably the biggest one that stumps me as he just got a rating of 79. The guy has over 1000 yards receiving as a 3rd receiver and all he gets is a 79? He is probably the most underrated player on our team based on the ratings. As for the others, well you can judge for yourself and state you oppion on the rating posted below.


Here is the link for the other teams.

Arizona Cardinals Overall Rating 86
Position Name OVR
QB K. Warner 94
QB M. Leinart 68
QB B. St. Pierre 51

RB C. Wells 79
RB T. Hightower 75
RB J. Wright 71

FB D. Kreider 79
FB T. Castille 70

WR L. Fitzgerald 99
WR A. Boldin 94
WR S. Breaston 79
WR J. Urban 68
WR E. Doucet 64

TE A. Becht 76
TE S. Spach 73
TE L. Pope 73

OL M. Gandy 86
OL L. Brown 81
OL R. Wells 81
OL D. Lutui 76
OL L. Sendlein 72
OL B. Keith 69
OL T. Canfield 69
OL H. Johnson 67
OL E. Brown 66
OL E. Vallejo 59

DL D. Dockett 94
DL B. Berry 83
DL C. Okeafor 76
DL C. Campbell 74
DL B. Robinson 72
DL G. Watson 68
DL K. Iwebema 67
DL A. Branch 60

LB K. Dansby 89
LB G. Hayes 79
LB C. Haggans 72
LB C. Brown 65
LB A. Highsmith 63
LB P. Togafau 55

CB D. R-Cromartie 87
CB B. McFadden 78
CB W. Fontenot 60
CB G. Toler 59
CB R. Brown 56
CB M. Adams 46

S A. Wilson 97
S A. Rolle 84
S R. Johnson 71
S M. Ware 66
S A. Francisco 63
S K. Lewis 59

K N. Rackers 81

P B. Graham 69

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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