Ken Wisenhunt's Live chat

So it just finished up a couple of minutes ago and wanted to share it with you guys. Nothing really new was said but it is enjoyable anyways.


Ask Ken Whisenhunt

Moderator Image 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM ETKen Whisenhunt 36 comments
Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt stops by to chat live on Thursday, July 23 at 6 p.m. ET, to discuss his team, the offseason and the start of training camp. Whisenhunt will also appear on NFL Network's Total Access on Thursday, airing at 7 p.m. ET.

Ken Whisenhunt - I'm excited to be here. Fire up your questions and let's get this thing started.

  • Claude, HARRISBURG PA - 06:10 PM ET - Coach, Should Cards fan expect to see more road wins this year with the lack of east coast games. Thanks

Ken Whisenhunt -I'd say I would hope so. We improved by one our road win total last year and if we can do that again this year and improve to 4-4 at worst, and maintain our home record that gives us a great chance of getting back into the playoffs. So yes, that's one of our goals.

  • Aaron Clemons, TN - 06:11 PM ET - How has Kurt Warner been looking since surgery?

Ken Whisenhunt - He's been doing a very good job with his rehab. Every thing he's done on the field, I haven't seen any difference and I'm excited about where he is right now physically as we prepare to go into training camp.

  • Deborah Kohls, USA - 06:11 PM ET - Whats the best way to approach players to get them to sign autographs.

Ken Whisenhunt - That's always difficult. A lot of it has to do with the situation as opposed to the player himself. You have to understand after a tough loss, it's always difficult for players at that point. Training camp is always a good opportunity to get autographs, because it's a more laid-back atmosphere and there isn't the pressure of the regular season. The best way to approach a player is not to be pushy and be willing to accept no.

  • Vince, Tucson AZ - 06:13 PM ET - Would failing to reach the Superbowl be considered a let down this year?

Ken Whisenhunt - I think every team's goal is to get to the Super Bowl, actually to win the Super Bowl. So every year, 31 teams feel like they fail. So our goal is to get back and win it and that's the only thing we'll be happy about doing.

  • Jake, St. Louis - 06:14 PM ET - Hi Coach. Superbowl "runner's up" have traditionally tanked the following season. Many people aren't even picking you guys to win your division. How do you respond to that?

Ken Whisenhunt - Not many people picked us to do very well in the playoffs and our team responded well to that. I'm hoping we can handle this situation in the same type of manner. But I do feel that our team feels good about where we are and is really looking forward to the season.

  • Dave, CT - 06:15 PM ET - How has Matt Leinart developed since we last saw him fully start a game in 2007?

Ken Whisenhunt - He's done a very good job of working hard in the offseason, preparing to play. I think he recognizes that he has a great opportunity to learn from a quarterback that played at an extremely high level. And I think both physically and mentally, he's prepared for his opportunity when it comes.

  • Spencer, Toronto - 06:16 PM ET - Do you think Anquan Boldin is going to be an Arizona Cardinal this season?

Ken Whisenhunt - I anticipate that Anquan will be with us, I know we're a much better football team with Anquan on it and we're looking forward to this season.

  • Jay, Oklahoma City - 06:17 PM ET - Larry Fitz is quick but do you think he'd be quicker with less hair?

Ken Whisenhunt - I wouldn't change one thing about the way Larry Fitzgerald played for us.

  • stephen, C.A. - 06:18 PM ET - What was your favorite team when you were a child? And why did you like them?

Ken Whisenhunt - Well, I grew up in Georgia and the Atlanta Falcons were a team I rooted for. I liked Roger Staubach as a quarterback, but I rooted for the Falcons growing up in Augusta.

  • Cody, Reno, NV - 06:19 PM ET - Has anyone ever told you that you look like Ed Harris?

Ken Whisenhunt - As a matter of fact, our strength coach John Lott tells me that all the time. And please don't tell him about this, because he doesn't need more ammunition. And, yeah, what a good looking man Ed Harris is.

  • Patrick, Yuma, Arizona - 06:20 PM ET - After you guys made it to the Super Bowl and lost, will it have any affect on team chemistry? If so how are you guys willing to build off of that huge loss?

Ken Whisenhunt - Every year in this league, you have a different team. One of the most important aspects is growing the chemistry together. I feel like it's easier for us to re-establish that chemistry because we have a core group of guys that have been successful doing it our way.

  • ASAI, JAPAN - 06:21 PM ET - Hi,Ken. Any tips for kids team coach?

Ken Whisenhunt - I don't have any tips, other than to make sure they enjoy the game and continue to work on fundamentals, because that's the one thing young kids need the most work on to prepare them for future endeavors in football.

  • Vine, South Beloit, IL - 06:22 PM ET - Coach, PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!! Is Dominic Rodgers-Cromartie going to do any kick returning? Also, do you guys have any plays for him on offense? He's a ridiculous athlete. Thanks.

Ken Whisenhunt - He already has played some offense for us, so I wouldn't rule that out. He works every week in practice at kick returning so we might use him in that avenue as well. We have considered both things.

  • Evan Marsh, Winnipeg, Canada - 06:23 PM ET - When Kurt Warner retires, do you think Matt Leinart will be your guy, or would you draft or try and get another QB?

Ken Whisenhunt - I don't think anyone's looking toward when Kurt were to retire, but I feel very good about both Matt Leinart or Brian St. Pierre playing for us.

  • Adam, Houston, Texas - 06:24 PM ET - What is your favorite position to coach?

Ken Whisenhunt - Seeing as how I played tight end, I've coached tight end, I certainly feel a kinship toward that position, so that would be one of my favorite positions.

  • Ramo, Georgia - 06:27 PM ET - Whats your favorite sport other than football

Ken Whisenhunt - Golf. I have a passion for golf. Growing up in Augusta gave me that passion.

  • Jay, Oklahoma City - 06:28 PM ET - How well did you sleep the night before the Super Bowl?

Ken Whisenhunt - A lot better than the night after. Having been there before and knowing what to expect, was certainly a lot easier to get rest before the game.

  • Jim, Phoenix - 6:29 PM ET - Ken, Thanks and keep up the great work. How do you feel the offense is going to evolve without Todd Haley? Will "Beanie" be able to be the every down back? Is the offense still going to be a fantasy dream team? Can I get a job?

Ken Whisenhunt - It's never easy to lose a good coach, but we feel very confident about the coaches we've hired to fill those roles. We'll find out about Beanie Wells as camp progresses, but we're obviously very excited about him having taken him in the first round. Obviously, with Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, there is a great chance we will be a great fantasy team. Although I don't play fantasy.

  • Brian R., Newport News, VA - 06:32 PM ET - Random question, Who's your favorite solo guitarist?

Ken Whisenhunt - Eddie Van Halen.

  • Brett Brown, St. Louis - 06:32 PM ET - Do you enjoy coaching more than playing the actual game of football?

Ken Whisenhunt -I think coaching is the closest thing to replacing the feeling you get when you are playing. Nothing replaces the feeling you have as a player, but this is certainly close and that is one of the reasons I enjoy coaching so much.

  • donovan, atlanta,ga - 06:34 PM ET - how do you feel about open pre season with the team you lost to?

Ken Whisenhunt - Absolutely, I'm excited about the chance to play a good football team. It's a great opportunity to see where we are. And it'd be nice to win.

  • CB, Anthem, AZ - 06:35 PM ET - What is your favorite movie?

Ken Whisenhunt - On the day we had a perfect game, I would have to say its For the love of the game with Kevin Costner.

  • Paul, Massachusetts - 06:36 PM ET - Do you think the Wild Cat offense will be as prevalent as it was last year, or do you think it's run it's course?

Ken Whisenhunt - I think that it will still be a part of the NFL. I think there will be variations of it, because other teams will study it and look for ways they can adapt it to their personnel, but I think defenses will also be more prepared for it after having had an offseason to study for it.

  • Kyle bueckert, Pasadena - 06:37 PM ET - What is the song you guys blast in the locker room before games?

Ken Whisenhunt - We don't have a song. Because there are so many varied tastes of music in the locker room, most guys have their own headsets and listen to their own music.

  • Marco, Phoenix, AZ - 06:38 PM ET - Coach, with the addition of Wells, will we see the cardinals try to become a run-first offense?

Ken Whisenhunt - As our success in the playoffs shows, if we can be a more balanced team, that is what we would gravitate towards in the run game.

  • Yia, Minnesota - 06:40 PM ET - Coach, what do you think about the Farve move that the Vikings are going for? and what type of team would that make the Vikings this year compared to last year?

Ken Whisenhunt - I'll worry about that later in the season when we play the Vikings on Dec. 6.

  • DYLAN, Chicago,IL - 06:40 PM ET - What age did you first pick up a football ??

Ken Whisenhunt - I have an older brother and our backyard backed up to an elementary school playground, so it was at a very young age. Probably 4 or 5.

  • Nick , Arizona - 06:41 PM ET - Are we loud enough on Sunday?

Ken Whisenhunt - Absolutely. I think that if you look at our record the last two years at home, we've been one of the better teams in the NFC. A big reason for that is because of our home crowd and we expect it to continue this season.

  • Joe, Va - 06:44 PM ET - How is it to coach some one like fitzgerald?

Ken Whisenhunt - It's always great to coach extremely talented football players. The thing I enjoy the most about Larry is his willingness to work hard every day in practice and to constantly want to improve his game.

  • Erik, Phoenix - 06:46 PM ET - I watch you golf last weekend in NV not bad. whats your favorite golf course to golf at in phoenix.

Ken Whisenhunt - Whisper Rock.

  • Tim, Cincinnati - 06:46 PM ET - Coach, what is your opinion on expanding the seanson to 17-18 games? Are you for or against?

Ken Whisenhunt - I agree with the NFL at looking all avenues to make the game more enjoyable for our fans. I certainly support that.

  • Jeff, Pittsburgh PA - 06:49 PM ET - What goes through your mind when you witness a scary injury? ex- Boldin taking that blow from the Jets player.

Ken Whisenhunt - After having been on the field as a player when Dennis Byrd was injured for the New York Jets, the thing that goes through my mind is just how traumatic that is for not just the player, but his family and teammates. You never want to see anyone get injured, so when something like that happens, you just hold your breath and pray they are going to be ok.

  • Joe, Tucson - 06:51 PM ET - Does some one at your level ever get star struck when you meet some of the players. Other then players on your team who has impressed you the most?

Ken Whisenhunt - I don't know if star-struck is the right word. You have great respect for some of the other players in the league, you've seen perform at a high level. And one of the more rewarding things is that when you've had success like our team had, some of those other players will seek you out and share that respect. That's one of the great things about being in the NFL.

Donovan McNabb has really impressed me with how he's handled everything and how he continues to perform at a high level.

Ken Whisenhunt - Enjoyed my time, thanks for all your questions. Sorry I couldn't get to all of them. Make sure to watch the Cardinals and thanks to all our fans out there.

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