RotB Preseason Pick'em: Week 2 Results & Week 3 Picks

Another week of preseason football is in the books and the winning teams are as unpredictable as ever.  Through Saturday's games* it's hard to tell if people are really good at picking winners or really bad at picking losers.  To clarify one last time, pick the winner of each match-up as per the normal Pick'em League rules.  The "spin" on the Preseason Pick'em is that the prizes go to who has the worst winning percentage.  Truly I tried to pick the opposite of who I thought was going to win this past week, but I still ended up an 11-4 record.  That would be a great record in the regular season but it's CardsIrish's 5-10 record that I should be envious of.  A couple of folks were late on their entries for Week 2 as the first game kicked off at 7:30 PM ET.  Your posts are time stamped and that's my basis for determining whether it was in on time or not.  

Overall Standings Through Preseason Week 2*

Username Correct Wrong % Weeks Picked
Syracuselaxman44 12 5 .706 1
JoeCB1991 10 5 .667 1
Red Reign 10 5 .667 1
sc464 10 6 .625 1
Toolman234 10 6 .625 1
Bezekira 19 12 .613 2
StuckinColorado 19 13 .594
Hawkwind 19 13 .594 2
kj197728 18 13 .581 2
Andrew602 18 14 .563 2
boogatt66 17 14 .548 2
Irishcardinal 17 14 .548 2
Carddan 8 7 .533 1
superpsck 8 7 .533 1
hevchv 17 15 .531 2
CardsFan08 8 9 .471 1
Pyromnc 15 17 .469 2
AJ Birdwatcher 13 18 .419 2
CardsIrish 11 21 .344 2
Thomaldo 4 13 .235 1


Remember, you need to participate in a minimum of two weeks of the Preseason with Week 4 being a mandatory participation week to qualify for the Preseason Pick'em Prize Cache (Cardinals Super Bowl collectible and a David Boston jersey from the dark recesses of my closet...'cos he's a winner!).

Preseason Week 2 Prediction Accuracy

11-4 Hawkwind
10-5 JoeCB1991, Red Reign, Bezekira, Irishcardinal
9-6 kj197728, StuckinColorado
8-7 Carddan, Andrew602, superpsck, boogatt66, hevchv
6-9 Pyromnc, AJ Birdwatcher
5-10 CardsIrish


*Week 2 standings only compiled through Saturday's games.  Monday's Ravens-Jets game will be accounted and the records adjusted and reflected appropriately in the Week 3 standings.  You'll be reading this only if the autopublish takes place because I'm in the middle of nowhere without internet access Monday night.

Preseason Week 2 Prediction Accuracy By Winning Team

12-3 IND
11-4 ATL, SD
10-5 NO
9-6 CIN
7-8 WAS, TB
6-9 SF
5-10 MIN


2009 Preseason Week 3 NFL Schedule

Visitor Home Date/Time (ET) Network (live)
JAC PHI Thu, Aug. 27 7 PM
STL CIN Thu, Aug. 27 7:30 PM
MIA TB Thu, Aug. 27 8 PM FOX
NE WAS Fri, Aug. 28 8 PM CBS
GB ARI Fri, Aug. 28 10 PM
IND DET Sat, Aug. 29 1 PM NFLN
NO OAK Sat, Aug. 29 4 PM NFLN
BUF PIT Sat, Aug. 29 7:30 PM
TEN CLE Sat, Aug. 29 7:30 PM
SD ATL Sat, Aug. 29 8 PM CBS
SEA KC Sat, Aug. 29 8 PM
NYJ NYG Sat, Aug. 29 8 PM
BAL CAR Sat, Aug. 29 8 PM
SF DAL Sat, Aug. 29 8 PM
CHI DEN Sun, Aug. 30 8 PM NBC
MIN HOU Mon, Aug. 31  8 PM ESPN


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