Arizona Cardinals Question Of The Day: Is Greg Toler better than Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie?

SEATTLE - OCTOBER 24: Wide receiver Mike Williams #17 of the Seattle Seahawks just misses making a catch against Greg Toler #28 of the Arizona Cardinals at Qwest Field on October 24 2010 in Seattle Washington. The Seahawks defeated the Cardinals 22-10. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Quick question for everyone here. A lot of people have been disappointed in Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie this year, but Greg Toler has also exceeded the expectations that we had for him this year. So, is it possible that Toler is a better Cornerback than DRC?

After DRC's knee injury, most of us were not sure how well he would play, but he looked good in the preseason. He appeared to be a little bit bigger than he was in 2009, and he looked like he would be more physical after a couple of hard hits that he delivered. He also got an Interception against Jay Cutler and the Bears in Week 3 of the Preseason along with Toler. As for Toler, he held up pretty well in the preseason. After being the backup for the first two games (because Trumaine McBride was more experienced) he started the final two preseason games and throughout the preseason he held up pretty well in coverage. A lot of us were expecting that we could have two Pro Bowl cornerbacks if Toler continued to develop over the next year or two, but I don't think any of us expected Toler to look better than DRC so far.

While Toler is being targeted a lot, he generally tackles the receiver right after they catch the ball if he isn't able to knock it down, and he has been very physical so far. He has already forced two fumbles after catches. Meanwhile, DRC seems like he isn't focused right now, and he is not as willing to make the tackle as Toler is. DRC is more of someone who will go for the Interception every time he can instead of just knocking the ball down. Now, maybe some of this is because of his knee injury not being completely healed, but he hasn't played anywhere near as well as he has over the last season.

Stats for both players from after the jump.

Name Tackles Interceptions Pass Deflections Forced Fumbles Sacks Touchdowns
Greg Toler
47 1 6 2 1 0
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie 23 1 8 0 0 1


Who do you think has been better this year? Who do you think will be the better of the two after 2 or 3 seasons?

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