Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: The Injury Report

We are hours away from kickoff and for the Cardinals, several significant players are listed on the injury report. As you can see, Absolut will be sponsoring the weekly injury report for us. It also helps if this post urges you to down a few shots during the Cardinals game. As we all know, alcohol can ease the pain of a loss at times. The following is the Cardinals official injury report along with my thoughts:


Will Davis (OLB) Knee - Probable - Davis has an injured knee but played last week. The Cardinals need Davis on the outside at linebacker.

Paris Lenon (ILB) Ankle - Probable - We should see Lenon starting another game at linebacker. If he is limited, Daryl Washington will be rotated in the mix.

Stephen Spach (TE) Foot - Probable - Luckily for the Cardinals, the tight end doesn't play a big role in the offense. With that being said, Spach should play either way.

Dan Williams (DT) Calf - Probable - Dan Williams is expected to play today. He may be limited.

Darnell Dockett (DT) Shoulder - Questionable - Dockett's shoulder injury is still bothering him and it's already been reported that he'll miss another game if it's ruled not safe for him to suit up. This would be the biggest loss to the team if he misses another game.

Clark Haggans (OLB) Groin - Questionable - Haggans may only be on the report because he is really injured. I don't see it keeping him out of today's game though.

Kerry Rhodes (S) Hand, Back - Questionable - Rhodes is battling two injuries today and is questionable to play. It would be a big loss, but luckily Matt Ware and Hamza Abdullah are around for depth.

LaRod Stephens-Howling (RB) Hamstring - Questionable - Here's the big questionable injury of the day. Can LSH play? He missed practice all week and may sit in favor of Steve Breaston at kick return. It would be a shame considering he's a threat to return a kickoff to the house or put the Cardinals in good field position.

Greg Toler (CB) Foot - Questionable - Toler was benched in favor of Mike Adams last week to wake up the second year pro. I don't see his foot injury forcing him out of the game.

Reggie Walker (ILB) Hamstring - Questionable - The only effect Walker will have today is if both he and Will Davis miss the game. With Clark Haggans already injured as well, the depth at linebacker is a concern.

Beanie Wells (RB) Knee - Questionable - Although questionable, Wells has been reported to play today and is anticipating his chance to help the offense.

Jason Wright (RB) Head - Questionable - With the precautions that the NFL is taking on concussions, there's a good chance that Wright may sit out of today's game. Luckily his only contribution comes on special teams.



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