Few thoughts after MNF.

After watching us all season and especially on MNF, I noticed how BAD our defense is. I did some research and noticed how the magic of Kurt Warner and our offense masked our mediocre (If that)  D.  Here are the areas Im talking about:

Pass Rush/D Line: 

In 2009 we had a good pass rush, ranked 6th in the league in sacks with 43.0 total sacks. We allowed 112.8 Rush yards a game (ranked 17th). Our D-Line HAD push and changed the line of scrimmage.

Now (After drafting Dan Williams with our first round pick) we are tied for 21st with 20.0 total sacks. We now allow 135.1 Rush yards a game (10th highest in the NFL) Dockett is getting double teamed and beat up by teams, because he is our only threat on the D Line.  We have no push, and generate ZERO pass rush. Our D line looks paper thin every game.



Our linebackers were never too great to begin with (minus Karlos who is no longer with us). We had solid vets who got the job done in 2009 .... most of the time.

After Picking up Porter (who has been the only standout on the D)Drafting Daryl Washington, and Getting Former 2nd round pick Cody Brown Back, i thought we re-vamped our LB core. Then we cut Brown. Then we Placed Porter next to Unathletic, non-electric, and SLOW LBs. When we blitz MLB's they are easily picked up, or lost in the crowd of bodies. We have nobody shooting through gaps and covering zones.These guys are supposed cover, and most of all they are supposed to tackle and hit. They made Westbrook and many other Mediocre Backs look like Berry Sanders out there . Our LBS are old, slow, and cant tackle. 


Where to start with this group....

2009 wasn't too great for the DBS as we allowed the 10th most passing yards a game (234). DRC was our only real standout.. Adrian Wilson isn't much of a cover guy is more known for his blitzing then anything else.

2010 Greg Toler "stepped up" (still haven't seen it)  and we picked up Kerry Rhodes. Once again i thought we gained more then we lost after loosing Rolle. We now allow the 5th most passing yards a game (262). Rhodes and Adrian seem terrible as a pair as we rank 10th against apposing TE, and are in the top 5 of plays that go for 20+ yards. DRC seems to be in some kind of funk, cause he no longer seems to be a lock down guy. 


Seeing how our D progressively seems to get worse, we need to FIRE Bill Davis. He has bland play calls, and terrible personnel groupings. We have play makers on the Defensive side of the ball, but they arent being used in the right ways. Something that has stuck out in our D is our LB core, we need to draft some more talent in that position. 

On another note.....

I know this whole thing is about Defense, and this is prob. being hypocritical but it needs to be said. If we dont Draft a QB or Get a Young one, we are setting ourself up for another melt down like this one.

Lets hope a Stanford Cardinal, become an Arizona Cardinal! Lets get LUCKy this offseason. And lets cross our fingers for the Luck sweep stakes. 

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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