Just what I'm thinkin'

I read the other day we need to go 6-3 to fin 9-7. It shocked me when I read that. I know its simple math and easy tinkering but when it was put in my face, it caught me offguard.

From what I saw last week going 6-3 is going to be very difficult.


We play the 49ers 2x, though they may be sleeping the fishes, they can still beat us 2x like last year. They hate us as much as we hate them.

We play the cowboys, who on paper are good, minus the QB, much like us all stars everywhere but under center, and its primetime, and we know how the cards do nationally televised.

We also have a reunion with Todd Haley's 1st place Chiefs, I'm sure we're a big one on his calender.

Those are potentially 4 losses right there. I'm weary.

But this Sunday should be a good benchmark game for us, and show us that we can still beat the Rams, beat the Panthers and Broncos. And not give 9er fans any "ammo" against us, when they claim they are going to take the division next year.

Moving along just some other things that have crossed my mind.

This is just really what I've thought and think may happen this season about all things Cardinals, strictly opinion and hypotheses.

Were 3-4 and we're up in arms as a fanbase, should we still be humble considering we were bad for so long, NO, of course not. The Cardinals had 3 successful season since they came to PHX, 98 which brought on many fans, fans that have stayed for the past 12 years. 08 our most successful year and 09 a successful year by most standards. No other organizations acknowledge us as winners, but we are, and we need to continue to demand that we win and not pack it in for next year as some of our constituents.

We are not out of the division, not by a long shot, the 9ers are. We've proven were better than the Rams, and I hope we still are. We played a good game against filled with stupid turnovers against the Seahawks, lost by 12 with a rookie QB starting. We can win this thing and chalk up another somewhat "successful season"

No one is challenging DRC to a fly route, not by memory anyways. He's getting schooled on slants, hooks, and out routes. Dockett is playing how he always has, I haven't seen him let up or dog it and that's commendable.

Rhodes is playing mighty well, he got pummeled by Blount last Sunday, but I think every safety short of Adub would have too, including you too Polamalu.

We're 0-2 in the black unis.

And thas about it, whatchu thinkin?



<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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