Your 2010 rookies

Despite how poorly we have played this season one thing that has been really making me smile these days is the near outstanding play of our rookies.

Our first round pick Dan Williams has been everything he was billed to be. He has shown some weaknesses like giving up leverage and allowing his shoulders to be turned in the middle but outside of that he has really come on lately. Our last two games he has been a presence in the middle helping slow down Jackson and Moreno. If he continues to improve his dropping down to us at 26 was truly a steal.

Our second round pick Daryl Washington, played early due to an injury to Hayes and showed flashes of his abilities but also why he was a rookie. Lately, like Williams, he has been making more plays. He was a presence in the run game, but even better is he showed his athleticism covering backs and TE's in passing situations. Wether we rush him from the outside or line him up in the middle he has all the potential a fan or coach could ask for.

Our third round pick Andre Roberts, got off to a very, very rough start. I do not think their was a person outside of the organization that didn't want his head on a platter. Though lately, like the rest of our rookie class he has been making some noise. His returns have improved drastically and he is even making some noise in the passing game.

Our fourth round pick O'Brian Schofield hasn't had much opportunity to play, but in his limited snaps he is already showing his explosiveness. He hasn't really shown up on tape yet, but his ability to crack the starting lineup after missing so much means he is doing something to impress the brass.

Our fifth round pick has been talked about enough. Skelton, please brother just do your thang.

So far only our 6th round pick, Calvin Jorrick has been a bust after being traded during the preseason.

Last our 7th round pick Jim Dray, has been a solid contributor on passing downs and running downs as a blocker but has also played well in special teams. The fact he is a 7th round pick playing over our current TE's speaks volumes about what he has done to impress the coaches. Personally I believe he could develop into a very good Heath Miller style TE.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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