So much for being optimistic

So after optimistically thinking we could win out and make something of this season..... The Carolina game happened.... I will continue my post after the jump...

I looked at our schedule after the victory over Denver and thought we had a chance to go 7-9. With games at Carolina, VS Dallas and at SanFran it didn't seem too crazy at the time. I still had hope, Then reality kicked in as Skelton threw the INT, then fumbled. Last but not least,  our offense failed to pose any threat to the NFL's worst team.

Yeah I said it, We lost to the worst team in the NFL (What does that make us). I know anything could happen on game day no matter how good or bad teams are, but offensively  we don't do anything well (Run or Pass). I first blamed the defense for our losses after the MNF game as we let 60 year old Brian Westbrook look like LT in his prime. Then I came to realize that they are on the field like 67% of the time. We have the 2nd lowest T.O.P  (Time of possession) with 26 Minutes and 15 seconds.  Simple math tells us that our opponent's offense and our defense are on the field for an AVG. of  35 minutes and 45 seconds. Sure the D allowed allot of points in the first half of the season, but they are on the field 10 minutes longer then the O. Meaning people have a lot more chances to score on us. Our D/ST has almost out scored our offense. Im not saying our D is the best in the league, however it is a lot better then people think. I was TOTALY wrong about our D due to inflated statistics because of T.O.P, but we do need more talent on that side of the ball.  Speaking of talent ....

We are now 4-10, and if the draft started today, we would end up with the 4th or 5th overall pick. That being said, we NEED a QB that will be an elite. We need someone who can move the ball on third down as we have the NFL's worst 3rd down % at 26.4. If ANYBODY TRIES TO TELL ME THAT WE ARE THAT BAD ON THIRD DOWN BECAUSE OF SOMETHING OTHER THEN OUR QB, YOUR HIGH AS A FUCKIN' KITE. QB is the most important position in the NFL, and thats a fact. If we switched DA, or Skelton with Manning I guarantee you that the Colts would be dog shit. Sorry for cursing, but it's the truth. You might say a team with a dominate running game doesn't need a QB - but your wrong because 1. You need the QB to manage the game and not turn the ball over (Brett and AP) and 2. Somone has to convert on the 3rd and 5+..... I know you could make a giant list of QB busts, but you have to stick your neck out and try because the Pros defiantly outweigh the Cons when it comes to drafting. Look at all these top Draft picks that have totally changed the franchise's directions:

(In Random order)

Sam Bradford - Rams

Matt Stafford (When he has played) - Lions

Matt Ryan - Falcons

Josh Freeman - Bucs

Mark Sanchez - Jets 

Joe Flacco - Ravens 

Phillip Rivers - Chargers

Eli Manning - Giants 

Peyton Manning - Colts

(The list goes on)


My point is that most of the successful teams in the NFL have an Elite QB who has been drafted in the first round.  Its crazy what one player can do for you. All I'm saying is: we are STUPID if we don't draft a QB with our TOP 5 pick or don't if we trade Carolina for their #1 overall (Because they most probably will look to drop and add more talent). Go back to any time in the NFL and look at how QB's - either through a trade, the draft, or FA have affected bad teams. We need someone to be captain of this sinking ship ASAP! And Im crossing my fingers its Luck. 



<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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