Looking at the Cardinals Through the Eyes of a Scout

While listening to the radio yesterday, I heard a guy who was a former NFL scout talking about our game against the Cowboys and thought he had an interesting perspective. I looked him up later and Bryan Broaddus was a scout in the NFL for 13 years, mostly with the Cowboys but also with several other teams. He's currently working in the Dallas media but, like most, he frequent 'tweeter' especially during Cowboys games. Here are some of his more interesting tweets from the game......

Watch tonight how Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis tries to confuse the blocking scheme of the Cowboys OL. Never line up the same way.

This was before the game and it got me wondering if Davis is possibly trying to be to tricky for his own good. It's got to be tough on a defense to line up in so many varied fronts, especially considering our front seven consists of four players who are either rookies or in their first year with this team. I know that none of us are Bill Davis fans and maybe this is a reason why his defenses tend to run pretty hot and cold.

This Cardinals offensive line on tape appeared to be the worst group that the Cowboys have faced all season. Early pressure a must.

Can't really argue with that. Injuries have certainly hurt this unit but OL is still one of the many needs this offseason.

If you are going to run the ball against the Cardinals, you had better block Dockett. He is the most active player they have along the front

Dockett finally had an impact game after having a fairly disapointing season but this was very early in the game. Nice to see that he's respected around the league even after a quiet season.

Cardinals will play tight man coverage because of their gambling style, Austin slips and pick six, the Boys equipment staff checking shoes.

Another way to question Bill Davis......Is is smart to gamble with two young corners or is gambling the only way to put pressure on a QB when you don't have an elite pass rusher?

The Cardinals secondary hasn't given these receivers any room to operate. Need to find a way to buy some separation on the outside. 

Toler and DRC both had good games and a big reason is that they played with confidence......the kind of confidence that comes with getting two early pick-sixes. 

The most shocking half time stat to me is that the Cowboys have no sacks. I understand Arizona's pressure but that stat needs to change.

I'm sure he wasn't the only one that was surprised and Skelton probably deserves just as much credit as the OL. 

Skelton is not an accurate quarterback at all. In the Carolina game he struggled to make throws and its a carry over now. Defense dialed in 

Another statement that I simply can't argue with. He's been hurt by some dropped passes but Skelton simply hasn't been an accurate QB over the last three games. If you look at his split stats over that span he's completed 7 of 10 passes behind the line of scrimmage but everything past the line of scrimmage has been completed at a rate of 43%. Those numbers are terrible.

These receivers are struggling to get open, the coverage on the outside for the Cardinals has been outstanding all night.

More praise from DRC and Toler, no doubt in my mind they played so well because of early success.

The route was a slant and go, its funny to see someone else with bad safety play. Great throw by McGee, better catch by Austin.

I had to go back and watch this play again after reading this to remember how close Rashad Johnson was from picking this ball off. I'm not sure I would call it a bad play as much as I'd just say it was a gamble that didn't pay off. He missed an interception by inches and if he picks that ball off then he's the guy that put the nail in the Cowboys coffin and we spend all week talking about his amazing athletic play. As it was he went for the big play, came up empty and the Cowboys turned his mistake into 6. One thing that did stand out to me in rewatching this though is that the Cowboys did a good job of moving Austin into the slot where he was covered by Micheal Adams instead of DRC or Toler. Good move by the Cowboys, not so good move by Mr Davis.

That's about all I had, interesting game to look back on, especially for the defense. On one hand without their two TD's this team most definitely loses the game but they also allowed a significant comeback to a QB taking his first snaps in the NFL. Another decieving game from Skelton, in my opinion. 183 yards, a touchdown and a QB rating over 80 sound all fine and good until you realize that the TD was a 74 yard toss where the opposing corner fell down and there was literally no one within 20 yards of his reciever. The running game at least had a pulse this week, however weak it might have been, and the defense managed to generate pretty good pressure. Overall it was an exciting game to watch and it always feels good to beat the Cowgirls.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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