What's In A Game

With both the Cardinals and the 49ers fighting over who is the best of the worst in a poor division, one has to wonder what does either team have to play for- or rather, what does either team have to win for.  If the Cardinals lose they will be drafting between 2nd and 5th.  If they win they will be drafting between 6th and 10th.  On the surface it would seem like the Cardinals would want to take a dive.  After all drafting 2-5 has to be better than 6-10 Right?  That would be true if there is a player the Cardinals wanted that they figured would only be available 2-5.  As I look at this draft class I really don't think that person exists.  (I am assuming that Carolina will take Luck if he comes out.)  After that who would the Cardinals want?  I don't think there is another QB that merits that high of pick.  (Remember the issue is not just about reaching with a pick it is also about over paying for a player and tieing your hands for years to come.)   Mallett and Locker are late 1st early 2nd.  Gabbert (if he comes out) might be a possibility although this seems high for him as well.   Newton is a very athletic project.  I might take him in the 2nd but top 5 is way too much money for a QB that will take at least a couple of years to teach how to play NFL QB and Whizenhunts read-progression system.  (It is easy to see that next year's success will be based on if Bidwills will spend money and if Graves will get it done.  They have spend at least 25-40 mil less this year in player salary than last year and you tend to get what you paid for- but that is a topic for another post.)

So if there is no QB worth targeting that high, who would the Cardinals consider?  Green* is worth it and there is plenty of talk that Breaston and Doucet won't be back.  But drafting and paying another receiver that much may send the wrong message to Fitzgerald, (although I think Green is one of the best WR draft prospects in a decade.)  A #2 WR would be better found in FA or resigning Breaston.  

The OLB and ILB definately need an upgrade.  ILB is a mid-round position to draft so will not be considered in the 1st round.  Two OLB fit for the Cardinals and both prospects, in my opinion, are worthy of a top 10 pick.  Robert Quinn is big and fast.  Ryan Kerrigan is big and strong with a great motor.  Both could move to the OLB.  Quinn reminds me of Petters and Kerrigan reminds me some of Hali and Woodley.  I'd be happy with either and one of them will be there 6-10.

CB might also be an option.  Peterson and Amukamra are both worthy of a top 10 pick.  Peterson is a stud and a heavy hitter who can cover.  He could play either corner or safety.  Amukamara is more of a pure corner in the hips and style.  One will be there 6-10.

Whizenhunt has made it clear he intends to stay with the 3-4 so the top DL in the draft (and there are around 4 who will likely do in the top 10) will not be on the Cardinals radar since they have thier future starting DL. 

OT could also be considered but this year there are not any stand-out OT that will likely do in the top 10.  Not to mention there will porbably be several quality OT in the 2nd-3rd rounds if the Cardinals have that as a high priority. 

The rest of the positions, such as TE, ILB, OG/C, RB  are not ones you would pick in the top 10. Safety will not be a 1st round target either.

So in the end it comes down to whether it is worth tanking for Green (and that just doesn't make sense to me- and Green may not even come out)  or tanking because the Cardinals really wanted Quinn over Kerrigan.  In the end I am not sure it is that big of a deal if the Cardinals draft 2-5 or 6-10.  I would be just as happy with Kerrigan as Quinn and pay a little less. All of that said, I want the Cardinals to win Sunday, and win big!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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