Baltimore no longer an option for Boldin?

We all realize that Boldin will most likely be shipped out of town. I for one am actually in favor of this move. Over the past two years my man crush on Boldin has diminished to a mere respect for the player and not necessarily the person. I realize Q has done much good in the community especially in FL but his actions towards teammates, staff, & coaches have been very disrespectful. There is no doubt that Q is one of the best WRs to play the game and in my mind the "real 81" no that guy in San Fran, or Phily, or Dallas, or Buffalo, or in Free Agency land. Q plays with great passion and bravado. He hits like a linebacker and has moves like an RB but he is getting old and has never been able to shed the injury bug. Turning 30 in the upcoming season for a physical WR with nagging injuries (same hamstring injury the last two pre-seasons among others, ankle, knee, hamstring again, not to mention face) is not too appealing for most teams when he wants big money.

Q did a disservice to himself as did Dockett when they signed extensions early in their careers. The early extensions were their own (coupled with their agents) decisions that gave them earl security but a low pay out over time. I mean think about it. had Boldin not taken the early money in his career for security he would be making around 5 million a year and Dockett probably around 4.5 a year. Anyways that’s not the point of the post, this is:

With the Ravens signing Stallworth what does that do to our ability to ship Boldin out of town? We have seen with the Suns that the more interest the better your offers get. Once it became know the suns were close to a trade with Cleveland the Heat jumped in and upped the trade.

The Ravens were considered one of the top landing spots for Q and now that they have signed Stallworth it seems less likely. Stallworth is in no way as good as Q but he is an above average WR. An above average WR who has been out of the league for a year. So where does that leave the Cardinals and Boldin? Here are some possible suitors.

CLEVELAND - No great receivers, no good receivers actually although they have the young Robiskie to look to in the future and I am sure they would love to give Quinn a little help.

BALTIMORE - their two best WRs are old and FAs (Clayton & Mason). They need help in the receiving game to get back to the big game and Bolding might be the guy to get them there. They have an aging defense but still have a couple years of dominance left on that side of the ball.

MIAMI - Do they even have a WR? Ginn Jr is more of a return man even though he is listed as the number one receiver and we all know Florida would love to welcome home Anquan.

Chicago - Their leading receiver was tied with their tight end in receptions last year and, well, he isnt even a receiver! Hester has improved yes but he is still considered a return man (a great one) rather than receiver by most GMs and the emergency corner in the event the emergency corner goes down (played at corner until 2 years ago).

TAMPA - I haven’t heard any links for Boldin going to Tampa (possibly because they have about 8 WRs on their roster) but a combination of Antonio Bryant to stretch the field and Q to do what he does would definitely be a nice safety net for their sophomore QB.

Just some of my thought on what is the Anquan Boldin saga. Best case scenario I see is a 2nd round pick and with that I would be happy but we are most likely looking at a 3rd and 5th maybe 3rd & 6th. Thoughts?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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