Arizona Cardinals Are Tweeting On Twitter


As you can see, I wanted to start a new segment dedicated to tweets from any Arizona Cardinals player's Twitter accounts and post them here. I've seen this done on other sites(none-football) and I liked it so much I thought I'd give it a try here - plus with the dead offseason it's a good change of pace. I also want to get any feedback so please let me know if you guys enjoy stuff like this and if so, I'll be posting this on a weekly basis.

Here's your Arizona Cardinal tweets from the past week...

No Love For Calais Campbell?

"On a connection thru san fran n a couple guys I was watching the game w/ found out I was a cardinal! They don't like us too much around here"  - Calais Campbell - What a surprise. Represent the Redbirds well out there CC!

"Headed back to phx now! Where I think I'm least I hope so" - Calais Campbell

"I just got back to phx and I def feel loved! I just want to say thank you to all the fans that did show me love...I feel very appreciated" - Calais Campbell - Now there's the love.

Cody Brown The Comedian

"I like turtles" - Cody Brown

"Wesley Snipes is the blackest person I ever seen in my life...and I know Darius Butlerand Bongpng so you know that's black" - Cody Brown

"Everything you see goin down I planned work to workout...shabaaaaz shweople" - Cody Brown -ummm....

"Everytime I see UConn on tv they lose.." - Cody Brown

"cleaning day..well kinda" - Cody Brown

"The left side of my closet" - Cody Brown

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 "Right side....91 pairs of shoes...and counting" - Cody Brown  - That's a lot of shoes. Not much more I can say.

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"I got the brons tho" - Cody Brown

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"I upgraded my smiley face" - Cody Brown

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"With my elegant ass" - Cody Brown - At least we know he's spending his offseason eating well.

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 Larry Fitzgerald In India

"About to take off heading to chicago for my layover before a 14 hour flight to India. Hit u guys in a few hrs." - Larry Fitzgerald

"I just Made it safe and sound to New Delhi, India. I will keep u guys updated w/ pictures as I go about my trip.Love you all. FFF" - Larry Fitzgerald

"@Lfitzgerald11 we not friends NO MORE! So when u see me don't speak or its ON! Take me on a trip! Singing-> wait till I get my money right*" - Darnell Dockett - You knew he was going to say something.

"Good evening from the Taj Mahal here in Agra,India!Here's a nice pic 4 u guys.I'm having a experience over here!" - Larry Fitzgerald

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"My 1st fitting 4 a hearing impaired child in New Delhi,India. Seeing a kid able 2 hear 4 the 1st time...Priceless!" - Larry Fitzgerald - Is this guy perfect or what?

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 Fitzgerald The Wise One

" 'A competitive athlete never gives up.He may run out of time,but he never gives up.' " -Arthur Ashe. Goodmorning 2 u guys FFF -Larry Fitzgerald

" 'Determination & perseverance move the world;thinking that others will do it 4u is a sure way to fail.' Hope u guys are doing gr8 2day! FFF" - Larry Fitzgerald

"Always remember: its better to give then to receive.When u do for others from the heart your blessings will overflow.Be gr8 2day people!FFF" - Larry Fitzgerald 

 " 'You only get one ticket might as well enjoy the ride' - Cody Brown, Brown doing his best Fitzgerald impersonation.

 Guess Kerry Rhodes Isn't The Only Model?

"On my way to LA to have a little fun while giving back for charity" - Calais Campbell

"I love having a reason to dress up! Doing a photo shoot right now in LA. Trying to get my sexy on" - Calais Campbell

"@Campbell93 Have i inspired u 2 try to get fresh on em now with the suit? lol" - Larry Fitzgerald

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Dockett's New Girlfriend?

"Dear @Oprah2nite i'll dream all abt u! Me & u swimming In all ur Money & u feeding me grapes in our mansion that u bought us good nite boo!" - Darnell Dockett - A guy can dream can't he?

"Dear @Oprah why is that when I look @ how many followers u got it reminds me of the money u put in my account after I kissed u. I love u boo" - Darnell Dockett

"Ok @Oprahttyl it was good while it lasted thanx for the check and the mansion love u boo! #on2thenextone keep my account # ill be back!!!" - Darnell Dockett

"@Oprah I took this pic for u! Stedman body is nothing like this boo! This is a ferrari he's a honda civic! ;-)" - Darnell Dockett - Just how you want to see your feared defensive tackle.

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"Headid to the facility.......just tryin to find ways to get better!!!" - Will Davis - Before. 

"At the facility tired as's like I live in here might as well take a nap on one of these treatment tables" Will Davis - After.

"So glad spring is here. It's always the best part of the year. Hope everybody has a great weekend." - Kurt Warner - Warner spotting!!!

"Going to be in AZ this weekend. I am going to wrestlemania." - Beanie Wells - The real reason why Beanie's in Arizona.

"@BeanieWells26 u working out over ther beanie?" - Kerry Rhodes

"u know it. What's good" - Chris Beanie Wells

"@BeanieWells26 chillin man on the east coast at the moment but cant wait to get out there with u guys" - Kerry Rhodes - Well that's good to hear.

"Mann I'm hungry my stomach touching my back bone! I want some Ramen noodles, grill cheese, pickel pig feet, and a Dr. Pepper. Now! Damnit!" - Darnell Dockett

"Mann I'm so hongry right now I'd eat potty meat, vienna sausages, sardines or spam and crakers, my ribs are touching!" - Darnell Dockett -Wow. Not sure what else to say to that. HAHA!!

"I think I'm gonna start modeling anybody got some ideas for me taking all suggestions even from a hater!" - Darnell Dockett - Great, another Cardinal taking up modeling.

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That's it for this week. Don't forget to follow Revenge of the Birds at

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