A Cardinals draft board from the message boards.

Very detailed list. What do you guys think?


Rankings & Draft Board based on our needs, how a players talents and skill set will fit in our system, and likelihood a player will be available at our pick in the respective round.
Draft Board:
Round 1 (Pick #26)
A) ILB- Sean Weatherspoon (Mizzou)
B) DT- Terrence Cody (Bama)
C) C/OG- Maurkice Pouncey (Florida)
* OT- Charlie Brown (So. Cal)
Round 2 (Pick #58)
* DT- Terrence Cody (Bama)
A) OLB- Eric Norwood (So. Carolina)
B) CB/RS- Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (Ind., PA)
C) FS/RS- Chad Jones (LSU)
Round 3 (Picks #88 & 89)
A) ILB- Brandon Spikes (Florida)
B) OLB- Navarro Bowman (Penn St.)
C) OLB- Ricky Sapp (Clemson)
D) CB/RS- Javier Arenas (Bama)
E) 3DRB/RS- Joe McKnight (So. Cal)
F) OT- John Jerry (Ole Miss) CB
Round 4 (Pick #123)
A) WR- Danario Alexander (Mizzou)
B) OG- Mike Johnson (Bama)
C) CB/RS- Walter Thurmond III (Oregon)
Round 6 (Pick #195)
A) QB- Zac Robinson (Oklahoma St.)
B) CB- David Pender (Purdue)
C) DT- Callahan Bright (Shaw)
Round 7 (Pick #233)
A) DT- Darryl Jackson (Kean)
B) CB- A.J. Jefferson (Fresno St.)
C) OLB- Danny Batten (So. Dakota St.)
Undrafted Free Agents
* WR- Danario Alexander (Mizzou)*
* QB- Zac Robinson (Oklahoma St.)
A) CB- Josh Morris (Weber St.)
B) OG- Nick Howell (So. Cal)
C) OG- Thomas Herring (So. Cal)
D) DT- Travis Ivey (Maryland)
E) DT- DT- DeMarcus Granger (Oklahoma)
F) OLB- Keenan Clayton (Oklahoma)
G) TE- Scott Sicko (New Hampshire)
H) TE- Fendi Onobun (Houston)

Prioritized Positional Needs Rankings:

•NEED: Very simply, a replacement for Karlos Dansby. An ILB capable of zone and man coverage, able pass rusher. An athletic, instictive, playmaker. *Weatherspoon would be an upgrade over Karlos Dansby, my money is on him (Weatherspoon) as 2010 DROtY. He (Weatherspoon) compares strongly to Jon Beason (ILB, Carolina Panthers).
1) Sean Weatherspoon (ILB, Mizzou)
2) Rolando McClain (ILB, Bama)
3) Brandon Spikes (ILB, Florida)
4) Donald Butler (ILB, Washington)
5) Rennie Curran (ILB, Georgia)

•NEED: A space eating, run-stuffer at the heart of the defense that will free up the DEs and LBs to make plays.
1) Terrence Cody (DT, Alabama)
2) Dan Williams (DT, Tennessee)
3) Callahan Bright (DT, Shaw)
4) Darryl Jackson (DT, Kean)
5) Travis Ivey (DT, Maryland)
6) DeMarcus Granger (DT, Oklahoma)

•NEED: A potential #2 CB with height (5'11"- 6'2"), sure-tackler, with 4.4 or better speed. A Nickel CB, aggressive and sure-tackler. Possible Punt Returner.
1) Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (CB/RS, Ind., PA)
2) Chris Cook (CB, Virginia)
3) Javier Arenas (CB/RS, Bama)
4) Walter Thurmond III (CB/RS, Oregon)
5) David Pender (CB, Purdue)
6) A.J. Jefferson (CB, Fresno St.)
7) Myron Lewis (CB, Vanderbilt)
8) Cornelius Brown (CB, UTEP)
9) Josh Morris (CB, Weber St.)

•NEED: A big, strong, pass rusher... A la Joey Porter, James Harrison, and Lamarr Woodley… Pittsburgh Steelers OLBs. Also need a hybrid-type, athletic enough to to cover and strong enough to be a force of the edge. A la DeMarcus Ware, Kamerion Wimbley, and Lawerence Timmons.
1) Brandon Graham (OLB, Michigan)
2) Jerry Hughes (OLB, TCU)
3) Eric Norwood (OLB, So. Carolina)
4) Navorro Bowman (OLB, Penn St.)
5) Ricky Sapp (OLB, Clemson)
6) Danny Batten (OLB, So. Dakota St.)
7) Arthur Moats (OLB, James Madison)
8) Tim Knicky (OLB, Stephen F. Austin)
9) Keenan Clayton (OLB, Oklahoma)

•NEED: A #4 WR that can stretch the field and catch deep posts
across the middle in traffic. The Jeherme Urban role. Possible punt returner.
1) Danario Alexander (WR, Mizzou)*
2) Demaryius Thomas (WR, Ga. Tech)*
3) Mardy Gilyard (WR/RS, Cincinnati)

•NEED: Possible upgrades and depth at C (Sendlein) and RG (Lutui)...
1) Maurkice Pouncey (C/OG, Florida)
2) Mike Johnson (OG, Bama)
3) Nick Howell (OG, So. Cal)
4) Thomas Herring (OG, So. Cal)

•NEED: A prototypical blindside protector, a guy athletic enough to slide back in pass protection and mean enough to be an effective run blocker.
1) Charlie Brown (OT, Southern Cal)*
2) Trent Williams (OT, Oklahoma)
3) Anthony Davis (OT, Rutgers)
4) Bruce Campbell (OT, Maryland)
5) John Jerry (OT, Mississippi)
6) Ciron Black (OT, LSU)
7) Jason Fox (OT, Miami)

•NEED: Change of pace/3rd dwn RB, a Return Specialist, a RB that can split out wide, run routes, and pass catch. The LaRod Stephens-Howling role.
1) Jahvid Best (RB/RS, Cal.)
2) Joe McKnight (RB/WR/RS, Southern Cal)
3) Shawnbrey McNeal (RB/RS, SMU)
4) Brandon James (RB/RS, Florida)
5) Trindon Holliday (RB/WR/RS, LSU)

•NEED: A ball-hawking playmaker at safety that has excellent range from sideline-to-sideline, able to step in immediately and be a "special teams ace", but also used in 3-safety formations when Wilson and Rhodes stunt. The role we envisioned for Rashad Johnson,
1) Chad Jones (FS, LSU)*

•NEED: A true #1 TE, threat catching/RAC, and a sufficient blocker.
1) Jermaine Gresham (TE, Oklahoma)
2) Jimmy Graham (TE, Miami)
3) Rob Gronkowski (TE, Arizona)
4) Michael Hoomanawanui (TE, Illinois)
5) Scott Sicko (TE, New Hampshire)
6) Fendi Onobun (TE, Houston)

•NEED: Calm, cool, collected, gunslinger. A Fearless passer. A developmental who’s a pure passer, possibility of developing into a franchise QB.
1) Zac Robinson (QB, Oklahoma St.)*
2) Ryan Perrilloux (QB, Jacksonville St.)

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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