Mini Camp Fan Fest 2010 My Trip and QB Evaluations

Day 2 started at 5:30 for me i live in Globe AZ for thoose of you who dont know it is about 90 miles east of Phoenix. I woke up the kids and wife got the kiddos in their sundays best (cards gear) andheaded to chandler. It was a good quit ride every one slept on the way down but me. We pulled in the parking lot about 8:55 the doors opened at 9:00 a.m.  The line was crazy long running the length of a football field doubling back twice. After about 30 min of standing in lines we walk in and the kids go nuts and by kids i mean my 2 year old son cam my 4 year old daughter tristin and my old ass. My poor wife. Any way if you have never been to the tempe practice facility it is where all the magic happens the big wig offices the mythic War room where all the players are drafted the medical facilties the practice fields 3 to be exact. 3 beautiful feilds all well manicured 1/2" long grass no pot hole no bad golf swings here just buetiful all natuaral grass. There were abunch of venders and mini games for the kids and a section barracaded off with about 40 tabels 5 chairs per. at 10:15 the players came out

And sat at their designated areas the tabels were all in line according to #s Except for the stars Leinart Dockett Fitz Boobs Beanie Hightowerany way you catch my drift i started with my favorites the LB'S granted thats what i played in high school and met our 2nd round pick Washington and my wifes new favorite player Will Davis thats another post all together. and then i hit the big uglies table. At 10:45 a.m they ended the meet and greet and hit the practice feild. This iswere the real fun happend andwhat you all really want to know about. it started with basic drills and warm ups like passing and such. Now i will break down the units that i paid close attention to.


              during the first QB drill which i think was poitlesswas the stand andthrow at a net with 3 holes in it i would say was 1ft by 1ft. On a personal note i think this was done just for the crowds pleasure. there were 4 QB's Matt Dereck John and Max. There were ohhhs and awwws but it was a silly drill. The net was an out side flats throw i would say about a 30 yard pass i could be wrong so lets say 25 giv ortake 5 yards

John Skelton2 of 4 The best in this drill was John Skelton he made 2 of 4 John hit 2 in a row then his 3rd one was about 5 yards short and his 4th was over the net compleaty.

 Max Hall1 of 4 Max was the biggest suprise because he was the most consitant and if your a hunter or just enjoy shooting you know that it is all about the pattern lay out.

 Derek Anderson 0 of 4 DA over threw and came close on 2 of them.

 Matt Leinart 0 of 4 Matt was close on 3 of the 4 his first he over threw it bad. 

During the 7 on 7 Drills for those who dont know what that is. Is when you have every one but the O-line and D-line out there. This is were Matt and DA stood out from the rookies.

John Skelton looked unshureof where to go with the ball an often used the short out routes as a pacifier and yes hehada lot of zip on the ball but it often was behind or to far in front of the WR

Max Hallalso looked like he was shocked at the fact that th D was all over our great Receivers. He also choose to avoid the middle and took the the dump routes.

Derek Andersonwas sharp in these drills and showed of his arm but in the need for some touch passes lacked he was not afraid to lead the wr in the middle and had a good idea of where he wanted to go quick.

Matt Leinartlooked very good smoothcrisp what ever you want to call it but his throws unlike the net drill were on the money he threw back shoulder passes well(Thanks Warner) found the open guy and deliverd.

Then there was the 11 on 11 drill. I know what you are thinkng that this is set up to favor the offence but dont th D threw in some simple blitz's andplayed with the fealing that you aint gonna beat us mentallity.

John Skelton was going against or 3rd string he looked ok if they would of been allowed to hit he probbobly would of been sacked 2 and had fewer completions. nothing really stood out

Max Hall  must of really loved Dennis Pita his TE cause he went there alot.

Derek Andersonlooked good on all but 1 or 2 plays. the one that stood out was a dump off to the TE a 10 yard stop route or hook. He didnt see beisal and had a pick 6. what worries me is that he didnt see him at all.

Matt Leinartlooked very sharp during this he spread the ball out well hit fitz in stride on multiple occasions threw a bomb to fitz down theleft side line it fell over his left shoulder in stride and right into his hands andright out. He seemed to have a very good understanding with Boobs and Doucet as well.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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