2010 Depth Chart

Well boys, I do believe this is the best time to take a look at our depth.

Drafts over, most big FA moves are over and done with. 

And several offseason workouts are among us.

I thought I'd take a look at our roster and what how I think our depth chart holds out.




Starter - Matt Leinart

Backup - Derek Anderson

Willie Beamen - John Skelton

Sorry to say it, to well, 20-25% of you, Leinart will be the starter all year. Perform anywhere from decent to a league top ten QB for the season. He'll have a great game, and he'll have a downright horrible game, but a good season, but never will a benching be called for. DA will back up all year, and Skelton will get real acquanted with the NFL's bench.



Starters - Beanie Wells & Timmy Hightower

Backups - Jason Wright


I believe wear and tear, share carries for another year, except beanie gets about 65% of the load, and finishes between 1300-1900 yards.


Starter - Nehemiah Broughton

He will do as well as any no name FB does in the league, which is a decent job.


Starters - Larry Fitzgerald

                  Steve Breaston

Slot - Early Doucet

Reserves - Andrea Roberts

                     Onrea Jones

Fitzgerald has another quiet Fitzgerald year. Boobie has a nice year as a backup but no where near the presence of Q. and Early gets his receptions here and there, as does Roberts.



Starter- Ben Patrick

Reserves- Anthony Becht

Stephen Spach

Dominique Byrd

Jim Dray

Ben Patrick catches 40+ passes. Becht plays a good backup TE. Byrd goes active and inactive all year. Dray never sees the field.


LT- starter Levi Brown

RT- starter Brandon Keith

Reserves- Herman Johnson

Jeremy Bridges

Everybody blocks, no one gets benched


LG- starter Alan Faneca

RG- starter Rex Hadnot

Reserves- Reggie Wells

Duece Lutui

Herman Johnson

Everybody blocks, no one gets benched.


C - Lyle Sendelien

Reserve - Ben Claxton

Again another, mediocre, year for Sendelien.




LE - starter Calais Campbell

RE - starter Darnell Dockett

Reserves - Kenny Iwebema

Alan Branch

Same performance as last year, #93 gets a tad better.


DT - starter Dan Williams

Reserve - Bryan Robinson

Dan Williams doesn't buy the whole rookies wait 1-2 years, and is the opening day starter. Bryan plays a good vet backup.


LOLB -  starter Joey Porter

ROLB - starter Clark Haggans

Reserves - Cody Brown

Stevie Baggs

Will Davis


I see nothing but average play out of all these guys.


MLB - starters Paris Lenon

Gerald Hayes

Reserves -    Ali Highsmith

Daryl Washington

Lenon is a huge dropoff from Karlos, and we see it all year. Hayes plays like Hayes does, he's solid all year, pending the back.


CB - starters DRC

Greg Toler

Reserves - Michael Adams

Justin Miller

DRC is again magnificent, knee injury? whats that? Toler isn't great but shows flashes of football intelligence.


Sstarters Adrian Wilson

Kerry Rhodes

Reserves - Matt Ware

Rashad Johnson

Hamza Abdullah

A-dub, is well, A-dub. Rhodes will not be as good as Rolle, but thats just because we don't see game changing plays like Rolle provided, instead he plays a good safety for the year, and misses a few crucial tackles, but remains starter all year.



Hey guys, I'm no coach or football guru. But I love my cardinals, this is my "bold" predictions for the year. I'd love to see where you agree and disagree with me. 

To finish it off, I believe we finish 9-7 tied for first place with, dun dun dun, Seattle.

But we win the division because we have the division record. 9ers, go 7-9.

And the Rams go 3-13.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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