Prediction: Final 53

OK, evey year I make my 53 predictions before camp and every year I change my mind somewhere before the end of preseason.  That disclaimer said, I thought I would throw out my predictions on the outside chance that I might be right this time. 

This year there are a lot more questions than in previous years.  I think that makes it more interesting.


PUP: Schofield and Hayes will start the year off on PUP.  This is a big blow with Hayes but I think his back is more chronic and more serious than has been let on.  The Mike ILB will be a priority next draft but that is a topic for a different post.

Corners (5):  DRC, Toler, McBride, TBD Vet, Calvin.  (Practice Squad: AJ Jefferson)  McBride is younger and will show to be a better cover corner than Adams.  If no worth while vet is available then Adams will stay. 

Safety (5): Wilson, Rhodes, Ware, Hamzah, Johnson.  There is a chance they will only take 4 safetys in which case Johnson is the odd one out. 

OLB (5): Porter, Haggans, Davis, C. Brown, M Washington. Mark Washignton will impress enough to make the team.  There is a possibility that Baggs will make the practice squad but I think odds are against Cards keeping 6 OLB.

ILB (4): Lenon, D. Washington, Walker, Beisel.  (Practice Squad: Ali Highsmith or ILB off of Waivers) With Hayes on PUP the ILB is an easy call.  Logic favors Beisel to start but I think Walker will show up in preseason and Beisel's age and back will put Walker as a starter with Hayes on PUP.

DL (6) Dockett, Campbell, Watson, Branch, Iwebema, D. Willams. (Practice Squad: Dean Mutahti) You noticed no B. Robinson.  If the Cardinals go with 4 safetys then Robinson stays but I am thinking that both Watson and Williams will show up big time in preseason and Robinson will be expendable.  Watson has flown below the radar this off season but he has worked his tail off and is down to 315 and in the best shape of his pro career.  I am a huge Dan Williams fan.  He is a beast and a quick learner and I think he will have an instant impact.


OL: (9) L. Brown, Faneca, Sendlein, Lutui, Keith, Hadnot, R. Wells, Bridges, H. Johnson. (Practice Squad: Devin Tyler)  Hadnot will serve as the back-up center.  Lutui will need to shine.  He may have burned too many bridges with his off season antics to be back next year.

TE (3): Becht, Patrick, Spack (Practice Squad: John Dray) No big shocker here.  This position will be a priority in 2011 draft. This will likely be Becht's last year.

WR (5): Fitzgerald, Breaston, Doucet, Roberts, Jones (Practice Squad: Darren Mougey, Stephen Williams). This is the year Jones finally makes the team.

RB (5): Hightower, B. Wells, Wright, LSH, Broghton. No suprises here.

QB (3): Leinart, Anderson, Skelton  (Practice Squad: Max Hall) No surpises with the 3 QB.  Too much draft stock was paid for Skelton not to give him a place on the team and there will be a real concern that he would not make it through waivers if they tried to put him on the practice squad.  But Max Hall will look better than Skelton over all and many will think he should make the team.  With the uncertainty at QB at the start of the season, and Hall doing well, there will be a lot of pressure to find a way to keep Hall around.  So for the first time in the Whizenhunt era the Cardinals will carry 4 QBs at the start of the season.

With the 3 special teamers that makes 53. 


Noteable Departures: Michael Adams, Keilen Dykes, Stevie Baggs.  Maybe Bryan Robinson or Rashad Johnson

Impressers: Onrea Jones, Reggie Walker, Brandon Keith, Gabe Watson, Dan Williams, Mark Washington, Trumaine McBride, and Greg Toler

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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