First time going to a training camp day in Flagstaff

Ok fresh meat here just getting home from Flagstaff.  I watched morning and afternoon practices today (Wed 8/11).  I wanted to comment on a couple things I saw.  I will skip through pretty quick on the obvious players but here's my view.

Lienart clearly has a hold of the #1 spot at QB.  He was pretty much flawless and the team seems to be really behind him.  A lot of people in the stands were calling him KURT Lienart LOL!

Fitz, just incredible but what I noticed...where Matt went Larry went...hopefully a relationship that will show on the field.

9-0, in a word - INTENSE

Cambell, wow! this guy is going to have a break out year!

Gabe Watson- Looks incredible, never missed a beat.  I think he could start if Robinson is dropped (which I was not impressed with him) and obviously Williams looks raw but still has a 1 round presense that I'm sure we will see mid season after he comes along!

Sendelien- Very impressed with him, he keeps his hands up no holding and he's seems quicker and stronger.

Defensive front 7, first team and second string looked hard core and it was hard to tell who was in place of whom.  We are very deep and should have an incredible pass rush this year.

Pretty impressed with Andre Roberts and this Williams kid at WR. 

Hyphen, Beanie and Hightower looked good and I didn't see one dropped ball. Hyphen looks fast as hell.

Feely and Graham...incredible plus jumped in drills to fill wholes. I was very impressed with their skills all around.

CODY FREAKING BROWN...this guy is awesome.  He looks like a freak and seems to have taken on Porters persona.  I expect good things from this guy!

To the bad...

Not impressed with Stevie Baggs, seems undersized and seemed lost.  Maybe just a bad day?  Anyone notice he's severely pigeon toed or is he nursing an injury? Saw him play inside on a few plays so wonder if we are giving him a shot at ILB?

CB, other than DRC I was not impressed with this group at all.  Problem is the drills they are running are hands off basically so that could be why.

Skeletor, very very raw....did I say VERY (but has a cannon of an arm)

Anderson, serviceable back up but telegraphs passes and throws to many bad passes.

-any RB after the above mentioned....was not impressed with these guys and fully expect them to get cut.  Maybe Wright hangs on for special teams play and a back up plan.  FB's looked decent nothing to write home about.

Monty Biesel, he seemed lost and I saw him just wandering around a lot.  I know he was dropped from first team for Pogo(?)

Washington...didn't even notice him today? I was hoping I'd get to see him but maybe I did and he just didn't stand out.

Honerable mentions:

The freaking OL looks incredible and on run plays we look like the wall of china. 

Max Hall has potential.  Impressed with him and he makes good reads.  He did run into trouble when pocket would close and he lost vision (height issue),

All the WR seems sharp, these cuts will make some other team guaranteed.  Mougey is good too on par with Williams.

Kieth (OL) looks like a fortress that couldn't be moved.  He's quick and agile but strong as an OX.

Punt returns should be exciting this year, a lot of great skill and speed on display.

WHOSE ready for Saturday!!!!

Thanks for reading!


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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