Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

The big news around the NFL... HE'S BACK!!!. Nothing else in the NFL matters now, ESPN has already told us so. Screw all the other teams and players. It is Brett Favre all day, all night, all year on the one year anniversary of the last time he came back from retirement. Oh wait... LeBron just said Cleveland sucks. Booo! Back to LeBron! And now Brett Favre has retired again......


Oh, wait. This is a Cardinals blog. Okay, if you say so I'll give you some Cardinals news now that we are getting some more of it now.

Don't underestimate the Cardinals, even without Warner: "The Cardinals haven't forgotten their two loses to the 49ers last year, and they've heard all the offseason talk about San Francisco being the team to beat this year. Arizona is motivated, and many players were quick to remind me that they won the division last year. Don't count out the Cardinals under Whisenhunt's direction. I leave camp thinking this is a mentally tough team that will battle until the final week of the season. Right now I would think they're a 9-7 team, but they must win the critical division games because I don't believe two playoff teams are coming out of the NFC West."

Warner to go into the announcing booth for Fox: Starting with when the Cardinals play the Saints on October 10th.

Cardinals to unveil the Black unis against the Redskins: They haven't said when they will wear them in the regular season yet. Although I bet one of them will be when the Cowboys come here on Christmas.

Warner is happy with retirement: Brett Favre could learn a lesson from him.

Fitzgerald is expected to return in time for the Season Opener against the Rams: Lets hope someone doesn't dive at his knee again when he comes back.

Whisenhunt is unhappy with the teams performance: Get it fixed up soon guys!

Stephen Williams is making a push for a Roster Spot: Leinart said it all, the guy is a playmaker.

Hayes moving forward with rehab: Hopefully he is back in time for the opener.

Morning at the Movies: Coach Whiz took the team to the movies. They got to see either; The Expendables, Inception, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and The Other Guys.

Leinart is blessed by a lack of competition: Where Bickley uses a response to a question he asked Matt about Andersons' personality as an attempt to smear him...

Cardinals making a gamble with Keith: Leinart hopes that the gamble pays out too.

Washington makes an early impact: Dansby who?

Pride pushes Porter: Supposedly, he is in the best shape he has been in for a while. Hopefully he can help out the pass rush.

The Leinart Effect: You either love him, or you want him to fall into a pit of flaming poison covered spikes and die a painful death.

Fitz thinks a rule change facilitated his injury: Hey Rodger, take away the high hits, and the defenders will go for the knees. Then you will have more torn ACLs and MCLs. Following that, Goodells new master plan: FLAG FOOTBALL!!!!

Leinart defends "The Pass": I agree, the pass was fine, the defender just went in low. Warner would have made the same throw [see here] but he probably would have gotten it off sooner than Matt did. He also said he doesn't care if Cris Carter disses him.

Perspective on Leinarts showing in the first Preseason game: This has already been posted, but it is a good article from Sando.

Battle to become the #3 Quarterback: This has been posted too, but I thought it was another good article. By the way, I heard that the playbook had to be simplified for Skelton when he was in, but Hall already has a good grasp of the offense. Should be fun to watch them compete for the next 3 preseason games.

There will be a practice tonight from around 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM. If I can find enough updates from the practice, I will post the updates tonight. If not, sometime tomorrow.

Brett Favre!

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