53 Card Pick-Up

First, let me start by saying thanks Andrew for this opportunity. My wife hates when I am on the computer, but even she is excited for me. As for everyone else, I hope you enjoy this first installation of "53 Card Pick-Up, Fight for the Winning Hand." So without further ado...

 After a hit that nearly removed a lower limb, the All-Pro jumped right back on his feet and waved off the injury as if it was nothing. The blow was hardly nothing as it set off a chain reaction in player movement with more surely to come.

Enter Mike Jones, a former Arizona State Sun Devil who was just recently released by the Seatle Seahawks weeks earlier. With the injury to Larry Fitzgerald (knee) and the injury to Early Doucet (abdomen) the once fruitful position, and unofficial strength of the team, has suddenly become a little barren at best. Early reports suggest Fitz will be out a few weeks, and with no official timetable on Doucet, the only logical thing to do was add at least one more receiver in camp. As one new Card is drawn from the deck of free agency, another Card must then be dropped.

Aaron Rouse is the first of the Cards to be dropped following the first preseason game. His release leaves us with five safeties on the roster. Mike's signing also gives us 10 receivers. Obviously we won't go into the season with 10 receivers, but our next game will be crucial for our top reserves to make their presence felt. Will there be anymore drops/pick-ups before the next game? Let's see who has made a case for sticking around a little longer.


Although Matt looked pretty good in limited action, the same can't be said for his back-up. Anderson looked pretty awful for most of his time on the field. If it weren't for Brady Quinn, I would have thought he was the worst 2nd stringer in the league (ok not that bad, but you get my drift). Skelton definitely looked sharp against the other NFL caliber players (3rd-4th stringers). Max Hall is yet to be determined.


As far as our running backs are concerned, little has changed from last year. Timmy looks to remain the starter and Beanie looks to get the bulk of the carries. LSH continues to excel on special teams and looks to be the sole 3rd down back. Wright is more or less a ground hog. He comes out once a year to see his shadow and then goes back in the whole until next year. If we only keep four running backs does Smith have a chance. He really looked good with his burst on that TD run. As far as the fullbacks, I must say I am a Hard Knocks fanatic and have a man crush on the Terminator (John Conner). He is an absolute brusier. If he is available come shake down time, I say give him a shot. If not, I'm ok with our current crop.


With the first three WRs being a lock, the next 2-3 could be up for debate. OJ has played himself into contention, Roberts was a high draft pick, Williams has been a beast all camp and Komar could be the next Welker. Yes I ommited a few because I see their chances as slim to none at this point.


All I will say is this. Dray. Next subject. Ok, I'll say a little more. Are any of them healthy at this point?


I see every position a lock except for RG. Wells is making it too easy for Deuce to retake is thrown on the right side. His play was lousy and Deuce shined, like a big, fat glazed ham on Easter Sunday. I know weight is still a concern for him and House, but their talent is undeniable. My only question is where does Rex fit in?


Sponge Bob Square Back is not making it easy for for the Dumpster. He has trimmed down and seems to have almost completely healed from his knee procedures. Will the old man even make it through the season before he is no longer needed?


Special Agent O'Scho is a wanted man. If it weren't for his Senior Bowl injury, he would have been drafted a lot higher. I truly think OLB is a none issue. ILB, however, is a different story. I was honestly one of the few who liked the signing of Lenon. He may not be great at any one thing, but he is always around the ball, as evidenced by the first game. So too is the rookie. Hayes will also be back at some point in the season and reclaim his spot. Depth is a whole new ball game though. Who do we have?


Who will start opposite DRC? That is the only question that concerns me at this point. Greg seems to want it, but how bad.


Is Johnson ready to show his mettle?


Only two questions, can Jay kick it deep and can he master the onside?


The Aussie is a beast. 'nough said.

There are quite a few positions that have either not been nailed down yet or that could use an upgrade. The fight for 53 continues and I just want to know, will our deck of Cards come completely from within or will we shuffle the deck of discards from other teams and pull from there?

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