NFC West Quarterbacks in their second Preseason games.

A quick look at how all the QBs in the NFC West looked during their last games. I'll only evaluate the Cards and the 49ers since those are the only two games I saw.


Matt Leinart: 4 of 6 for 28 yards, 77.1 QB Rating.

He wasn't good, but he wasn't bad either. It doesn't help when your Line only gives you a second to throw either and when you are stuck with 2nd and longs or 3rd and longs because there was no running game. It looked like Leinart was making the right reads, and the only play that I though was a bad throw was the deep pass to Stephen Williams where either the pass was underthrown, or there was miss communication since it looked like Leinart expected him to be closer to the sideline. So far, Leinart has just been okay, hopefully we see more out of him on Saturday against Chicago.

Derek Anderson: 11 of 19 for 105 yards, 73.4 QB rating.

Looked a hell of a lot better than he did last week, but I also saw why he isn't the starter. He is inconsistent. One play he can make a great throw like the deep pass to Williams, then he can miss a quick swing pass where the receiver is wide open [the ball hit the receivers foot]. He also fumbled a snap.

Max Hall: 7 of 15 for 101 yards, TD, Pick, 63.5 QB rating.

He had a bad start, but after that he settled down and showed that he has a good understanding of the offense and he looked like someone that came from a big program in college. Made some nice throws, and looked good with playaction.


Alex Smith: 9 of 13 for 88 yards, 88.0 QB rating.

I was hoping to see him suck, but he didn't. Smith looked a lot better than he did last week, he looked pretty sharp and he lead a nice scoring drive.

Nate Davis: 7 of 16 for 114 yards, 68.2 QB rating.

Besides the bomb to Ted Ginn [who surprisingly didn't drop it], Davis was not very impressive to me. He has a big time arm, but he also had problems with the play clock and the 49ers had to call a couple of time outs because of that. He also has a learning disability so it is tough to know what his upside is.



Matt Hasselbeck: 11 of 15 for 127 yards, TD, 120.7 QB rating.

Charlie Whitehurst: 9 of 20 for 73 yards, TD, two Picks, 31.9 QB rating.



A.J. Feeley: 5 of 6 for 45 yards, TD, 137.5 QB rating, thumb and arm injury.

Sam Bradford: 6 of 14 for 24 yards, 50.3 QB rating.

I did not see the entire game but I saw some of Bradford and I was not impressed at all by him. Yeah, it was raining but Delhomme and Feeley looked fine in the rain. I also saw Bradford staring down receivers and it almost got him picked off twice. He also doesn't look comfortable under center even though he is in an offense where you have to be under center to use Steven Jackson effectively. He reminded me of Alex Smith when he was struggling in anything that wasn't a spread offense with him in the shotgun. Or Tim Tebow in the Senior Bowl. Lets see how he looks against the Patriots this week.

Keith Null: 3 of 14 for 46 yards, 40.8 QB rating.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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