8-25-10: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! Matty had a meh game against first stringers! We are going back to the cellar of the NFC West....

Time for some links about how much we suck.

Ken Whisenhunt Coaches The Arizona Cardinals Like The Joker - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Yeah, that Joker, the one from Batman. No, not the Jack Nicholson version but rather the cinematically brilliant portrayal done by the late Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

KTAR.com - E: More questions, not answers for Cardinals
Let's start and finish with the obvious.

KTAR.com - Burns: No Warner to save the day
The most significant development in the Cardinals search for their 2010 starting quarterback came not from anything Matt Leinart or Derek Anderson did on the field.

NFL.com news: Drama in Minnesota continues, but plenty more to go around
So far this summer, Matt Leinart has hardly looked like the answer to replace the retired Kurt Warner. Derek Anderson isn't much of an alternative, so it's hard to see any sort of quarterback controversy brewing between them. What one can envision, however, is a clamoring for Warner to come out of retirement ... or for the Cardinals to do something, anything, to get someone decent under center.

Whiz the day after
Coach Ken Whisenhunt, because it’s a rare short week away from home, did a rare preseason-day-after meet with the small media group here in Nashville.

Sorry, Matt and Derek: Time For John Or Max - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Warning: this post contains a smidgen of overreaction, a dollop of tongue-in-cheek goodness, but also a healthy tablespoon of honesty.

Leinart foiled by Young again as Cardinals fall to Titans, 24-10
National championship, regular season or simply an exhibition. The setting doesn't seem to matter, not when Vince Young is playing Matt Leinart.

Cards report (08.24.10): Questions remain
With just two preseason games remaining, the Cardinals have seemingly made little progress in key areas heading into the 2010 campaign.

Cardinals-Titans Part II
Both teams hoping practice together helps development

Healthy perspective on Matt Leinart - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Facebook friend E.J. reached out with a question about Matt Leinart's light workload against the Tennessee Titans on Monday night.

Tim Tebow: The Next Matt Leinart? | Bleacher Report
In last night's Tennessee Titans-Arizona Cardinals game, Matt Leinart went 4-for-6, threw for 28 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions, and grabbed a 77.1 passer rating as Arizona's starting quarterback.

Young ‘praying’ for Leinart success | Titans Insider
Quarterbacks Vince Young and Matt Leinart will forever be linked because of their memorable 2006 Rose Bowl. Young, of course, guided Texas to a win over Southern Cal and Leinart, and a few months later they both became Top 10 picks.

NFL Preseason 2010: Five Lessons From Arizona's Loss To Tennessee | Bleacher Report
Watching the game last night certainly didn't instill any confidence in me as a die-hard Cardinals fan.

Matt Leinart More Celebrity Bust Than Football Benefactor | Bleacher Report
The terrible convergence in sports is ultimately fixated on appearance and sex apparel, rather than the game itself for the exposure of athletes who are mentioned for semblance and celebrity.

Let’s Not Hit the Fire Alarm Just Yet
Sure, the Arizona Cardinals first team didn’t play well last night against the Tennessee Titans. I get that. It is the second week in a row the Cardinals first team has failed on both sides of the ball. Don’t just be calling for anyone’s head just yet. Wait till next week to do that. That’s when the first team should probably play its most significant time of preseason. Next week, by the way, comes only four days from now in Chicago.

A Deeper Look Into the Numbers
If you are a numbers guy, well, then Matt Leinart isn't your guy to quarterback the Arizona Cardinals after two games into the preseason.

The Canadian Press: Leinart on the spot as Cardinals try for third straight NFC West title
Read any analysis of the NFC West and two words are used to describe why the Arizona Cardinals won't win a third consecutive NFC West title: Matt Leinart.

Top questions entering the NFL season
You know the start of another NFL season is almost here when a friend texts you the "Monday Night Football" ringtone to your cellphone and you're so excited about it, you forget to say thanks.

azcentral.com blogs - Kent Somers - KentSomers - The day after
To Ken Whisenhunt, the Cardinals didn't look as bad on video as they did live Monday Night. Still, the coach was not pleased Tuesday afternoon.

Arizona Cardinals' troubles run deeper than quarterback
Quarterback Matt Leinart had just two incomplete passes Monday night against the Titans, but those missed throws were his biggest mistakes.

Arizona Cardinals set to practice with Tennessee Titans
To Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett, Wednesday's practice against the Titans is a little like a rematch of Monday night's game at LP Field.

Cardinals Underground Podcast from Nashville
The crew reviews the Titans game from the team hotel in Nashville.

Arizona Cardinals' Matt Leinart blowing his big chance
Matt Leinart is lost. Not coincidentally, so are the Cardinals.

(Someone explain to me why Bickley is always real friendly with Leinart when he comes on his radio show, but then he just attacks him in almost every newspaper "article" he writes. This guy is a hack)

Ranking the NFC West defenses - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. spent some time sizing up NFC West defenses and ranking them first through fourth. His thoughts:

Scout.com: Leinart, Williams Heading Opposite Directions
Quarterback Matt Leinart admitted he needs a productive preseason not only to bolster his confidence but also to make his teammates more confident as the transition from retired Pro Bowl quarterback Kurt Warner to Leinart approaches takeoff.

First Down: Painful Fitzgerald owner screams could become common; Sidney Rice cooked - Roto Arcade - Fantasy  - Yahoo! Sports
Whether on the football, battle or dating fields, the buddy system is an integral male relationship. When functioning smoothly assignments are easily carried out. However, when a communication breakdown occurs crucial passes fall incomplete, Private Ryan doesn’t get saved and somebody wakes up next to ugly. Owners who draft Larry Fitzgerald could experience fantasy’s version of the latter.

NFL.com news: Leinart, White among players who could be forced to move on
This is the time of year that many teams face what fans might perceive as tough decisions regarding releasing popular players or high draft picks. However, in reality, these decisions are not hard for organizations to make as they enter Week 3 of the preseason -- the real dress rehearsal for the regular season.

NFL Videos: Cardinals' cause for concern
Matt Leinart is struggling, so will the Cardinals stick with him or turn to Derek Anderson?

NFL Preview-Palooza! Meet The 10 Coolest People In Professional Football - SBNation.com
After Monday's list of NFL villains, it's time to look on the bright side: football is still awesome. Below, Andrew Sharp counts down some of the people that make the league worth going crazy over.

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