NFC West Quarterbacks in their third Preseason games.

Yeah, I'm still doing this. I only saw the Cardinals game, so only our QBs will be evaluated. The rest will just be the stats.


Matt Leinart: 9 of 10 for 84 yards, TD, 135 QB Rating.

I wanted to see how he would handle this little demotion, and he handled it very well. He moved around well in the pocket, looked accurate, and he was making good decisions, and he looked like he was in command of the huddle. I don't care if he was throwing downfield or not, I just saw that he was finding whoever was open, and he was getting the ball to the open man in a spot where they could catch it. That is all I really want to see from him. Going deep is nice to see, but it isn't the most important thing. Good game from Leinart, and I still think he will be the Starter.

Derek Anderson: 7 of 12 for 94 yards, TD, 111.1 QB rating.

Again, good game from Anderson. He did a good job throwing downfield, but you also saw some of the inconsistency that has plagued Anderson. His second pass was into triple coverage, and it should have been picked off but it bounced off the hands of the Linebacker. He also threw a pass behind Stephen Williams that could have been picked off if it wasn't for Williams making a good adjustment to the ball, along with an overthrow of a wide open Early Doucet, and rifling short passes to Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower that were dropped. This is why I'm nervous about him being the starter, but I feel more optimistic about it now.

John Skelton: 3 of 6 for 38 yards, 70.1 QB Rating.

Can we shut up with the "make Skelton the starter" talk now? When he came in he wasn't that impressive. And one of his passes was very close to being picked off.

Max Hall: 2 of 3 for 58 yards, 109.7 QB rating.

I think the Cardinals have to find some way to keep this kid. I know he has outplayed Skelton in training camp, and he has looked good in both of the games we have seen him in so far. It is obvious that he came from a good program in BYU and he seems to understand the offense. Its a shame that he was just used to run out the clock after the 2 minute warning, I would have liked to have seen him get a Touchdown on the board.

I would not be surprised if the Cardinals keep 4 Quarterbacks this year. Also, the Cardinals as a team were 21 of 31 for 252 and 2 Touchdowns in this game. Good to see that kind of performance.


Alex Smith: 9 of 15 for 113 yards, TD, 105.7 QB rating.

David Carr: 7 of 17 for 54 yards, 49.6 QB rating.



Matt Hasselbeck: 9 of 17 for 126 yards, 77.1 QB rating.

Charlie Whitehurst: 12 of 16 for 138 yards, Pick, 46.6 QB rating.



Sam Bradford: 15 of 22 for 189 yards, 2 TD's, 125 QB rating.

Thaddeus Lewis: 11 of 14 for 120 yards, TD, Pick, 96.4 QB rating.

Keith Null: 3 of 5 for 25 yards, 72.9 QB rating.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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