In Whiz We [still] Trust

Frustrated fans are looking for someone to blame and are pointing fingers at Ken Whisenhunt.

Just as we stay loyal to our Arizona Cardinals through the highs and lows, we shouldn't be so quick to throw the blame at him.

A reminder of some interesting notes, courtesy of the Arizona Cardinals "2010 Season in Review".

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt has had an impressive run in his first four seasons with the Cardinals. Prior to his fourth season, Whisenhunt earned a four-year contract extension with a team option for a fifth. 
Including the postseason, Arizona has posted 36 wins under Whisenhunt, the third-highest total among head coaches in franchise history. 
In his first four seasons, Whisenhunt has put together an impressive list of achievements: 
The Cardinals earned NFC West titles in 2008 and ‘09, earning their first back-to-back division titles since 1974-75. 
Arizona’s win over Green Bay in the 2009 Wild Card matchup gave the Cardinals wins in the postseason in back-to-back years for the first time in franchise history. 
The Cardinals have won twice as many playoffs games under Whisenhunt (4) as they had won in their total playoff history (2) prior to his tenure. Under Whisenhunt, the Cardinals appeared in six playoff contests between 2008-09, after appearing in seven total postseason games in the franchise’s history prior to his arrival.
Arizona finished with a 10-6 record in ‘09, giving the Cardinals 10+ wins in the regular season for the first time since 1976 (10-4). 
Whisenhunt was the first head coach in franchise history with a .500 record or better in each of his first three seasons. The Cardinals were 8-8 in 2007, 9-7 in 2008 and 10-6 in ‘09. 
Whisenhunt finished with a 4-4 record at University of Phoenix Stadium in ’10, joining Don Coryell (1974-77) as the only coaches in franchise history to post four consecutive seasons with at least a .500 record. 
Whisenhunt is the first head coach in franchise history to post a .500 record or better at home in each of his first four seasons.
The Cardinals started the 2009 season with a 5-0 record on the road for the first time since 1975. 
The Cardinals posted a 6-2 road record in ’09, the most road wins in a single season since posting six wins in 1963. 
The Cardinals have posted a 14-10 record against NFC West opponents under Whisenhunt. 
Led the Cardinals to the NFC West title in 2008, their first division title since 1975. 
Led the Cardinals to their first-ever Super Bowl appearance in 2008 and more wins in a single season (12) than any coach in franchise history. 
The Cardinals 30-24 win over the Atlanta Falcons in the 2008 Wild Card Game was the first home playoff victory in 61 years.
With the 34-21 win over Seattle in the 2008 regular season finale, the Cardinals finished the 2008 regular season with a 9-7 record, matching their best regular season record since the franchise moved to Arizona in 1988.
With the Cardinals 43-13 win over Denver in week 14 of ‘10 at University of Phoenix Stadium, the team improved to 7-1 at home against teams from the AFC. 
In 2008, the Cards offense scored a franchise record 427 points and added 188 points in the playoffs, the thirdhighest total in NFL postseason history. 

Also, note that he has already gained the third most wins by a Cardinals coach.

Most Wins By A Cardinals Head Coach 
Wins Coach (Years)
42 Don Coryell (1973-77) 
39 Jim Hanifan (1980-85) 
36 Ken Whisenhunt (2007-present)
35 Charley Winner (1966-70) 
29 Vince Tobin (1996-2000) 

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