5 Positives From Arizona Cardinals Loss To Minnesota Vikings

If it was hard for him to watch...imagine how it was for us.

So...yeah. The Arizona Cardinals were embarrassed 31-10 on Sunday. It would be understandable to think that there is not a single thing that we could find that could possibly be seen as a positive. That would be why this is later than normal. 

So here we go and try to find the good things we can take from the loss. 

Early Doucet

Doucet was the team's leading receiver with eight, for 92 yards, and would have had a touchdown had it not been for a boneheaded holding penalty on Jeremy Bridges. He is showing that he can in fact stay healthy and be a reliable target. He seems to be Kevin Kolb's favorite guy to go to on third down.

A.J. Jefferson was decent

In a game where you can find very little to be happy about, you have to smile when you see Jefferson pull down Adrian Peterson in the open field (especially after you see Patrick Peterson and Richard Marshall whiff at him). Jefferson has held his own and showed one thing that DRC never did -- the ability and willingness to tackle people.

Playing time for Sam Acho

Many here in the community have been calling for it. Sam Acho was getting reps...instead of O'Brien Schofield. That likely is due to Acho's "brilliance". Ray Horton describes him as a brilliant football player. Schofield, as we know, is struggling with the playbook. I have been saying that the reason that Joey Porter continues to get snaps is because he is the best option still. As the season slips away, there is no reason not to play the young guys.

The bye week is here

I now officially reach for positives. Luckily the bye week is here, giving the players a chance to do something different and get an extra week of prep. There is also the other positive -- there is no way to lose on Sunday. 

The Cardinals still aren't the worst team in the NFC West...and they still play in the NFC West

Thanks to a bye week for the 0-4 St. Louis Rams, Arizona still is not in the division basement. Likewise, although the 49ers are 4-1 and have taken a strong hold of the division, Arizona still will play them twice. Although things have looked terrible, with five division games still left, they are not completely out of things. Plus, does anyone really buy in to Alex Smith and the Niners? They might have it, but I can't believe it until they have clinched.

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