How the Arizona Cardinals Can Beat The Pittsburgh Steelers!

This is an outstanding take from a displaced Steelers fan. Take a gander at it. 

Okay first off I am a Steelers fan but I live in AZ and I am sick of hearing the Cardinals are done and garbage and have no chance to win. All these "They suck posts" are really pissing me off. I have been watching the Cardinals football for a long while and at some times it was hard to call it football but some of these fans are ridiculous. "Fire Whisenhunt", "Kevin Kolb sucks" , "Switch back to a 4-3" and "Start Trading Away Guys" is what I am hearing. I won't begin to dismantle these statements instead here is how the Cardinals can beat the Steelers.

On Offense:

It is no secret that Dick LeBeau's 3-4 system has kept the Steelers defense in the leagues best over the last couple of years. However this is not the same defense this year. Here would be my strategy for attacking the Steelers defense.

1. The TE is Kevin Kolb's best friend:

The first thing the Cardinals need to do is utilize 2 TE set frequently. Why? Well for one the TE needs to chip LaMarr Woodley and other blitzing Steelers to give Kevin Kolb time. We all know Levi Brown can't hold up by himself. The second reason is that the Steelers are currently slow at ILB and therefore are poor at covering the TE. In case Cardinals fans haven't noticed Rob Housler is a weapon. Housler needs to be flexed and force either James Farrior or William Gay to cover him match ups that favor the Cardinals. Todd Heap and Jeff King need to stay in get a good chip on the blitzers and then release to the flat as a check-down route. Doing this should not only give the Cardinals the match up but will help the poor play of the tackles.

2. Short, quick routes to Andre Roberts and Early Doucet:

The Steelers defense is notorious for giving up the small completions to stop the big play. Aside from Ike Taylor I like the Cardinals quickness matched against the Steelers DB. Kevin Kolb needs to utilize the Hot Route and get it out quick. The pass will be there and the Cards can move down the field if they can do this.

3. Zone Running with cut blocks:

The Texans, and the Raven this year have run good utilizing zone scheme while cut blocking the NT (Casey Hampton if healthy). Take advantage of the fact Jason Worilds may be over aggressive and the cut backs could be there. Beanie is no slouch when healthy. While running the Cards need to run to Worlids side because Worilds is not good against the run and Woodley is far better.

4. Understand where No. 43 and No. 22 are:

If Polamalu begins to play close to the line change the damn snap count cause he jumps it better than anyone in the league. William Gay No. 22 is the scape goat of the secondary but him match against Housler is a match up Housler should win every time. He will be played with at least a 5 yard cushion so call the hot route on the guy he covers.


1. Cardinals secondary is young but not without talent:

Petersen has roughly the same speed as Wallace but if he has to think he will be slowed.  A.J. Jefferson is a guy I've like since pre-draft he has length in arms, jumping ability and good speed. This week stop the confusing zone scheme and play press man. Petersen straight up on Wallace, Jefferson on Brown or Ward. And don't put Adrian Wilson in coverage against Heath Miller. On top of that Bruce Arians is cocky and calls deep routes like crazy (with no check-down) if the timing of his routes are thrown off then Ben will get hit.

2. Blitz the right side:

Jonathan Scott the Steelers current right tackle is Levi Brown bad. I would be blitzing Adrian Wilson from the right at least 50 percent of the time because someone will get to Ben. (I also don't want to risk Wilson in coverage) Darnell Dockett needs to get his head out of his ass cause he has a favorable match up this week. Stop whining about playing the 3-4 and earn the right to rush the dam passer. 

3. Understand the delay blitz:

Daryl Washington is a quick ILB. The Steelers interior line has fluctuated all season and has proven to be slow to pick up stunts and delays. As soon as Washington see the a hole in the initial pass coverage he needs to hit it.

4. Tackle Ben when you Hit him:

Don't let Ben out of the pocket and wrap him up when you hit him or hell just break it. Ben has been fumble happy as well this season so if they can hit him the Cards have the odds in their favor for a turn over.


Don't underestimate the knowledge Whisenhunt and Horton have on the Steelers offense and defense. The Steelers haven't been the best on the road and the Cardinals are much better at home. Add in a bye week and this could be a dangerous game for the Steelers. Lastly go to the game and be loud, I couldn't go cause Bidwell decided to force fans to buy 3 different game tickets if they wanted to go to this game and I can afford that. (That's Bull) Looking forward to a good game on Sunday.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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