Whisenhunt...on my hot seat

I know he took us to the Superbowl. In 2008, we were 9-7. We were lucky to play in a crappy division and have a home game against Atlanta.

We went on the road and Jake Delhomme, became Steve Sax and forgot how to throw the ball to his own team. (We won that game by 20--with 6 turnovers--should have won by 40).

Amazingly, we ended up with a home game for the Championship. Had a huge lead over the Eagles and blew it, only to get a fantastic drive to take the lead. We had to withstand a comeback attempt, which included a couple of dropped passes, to finish the game.

Made a great effort to come back and take the lead in the Superbowl, only to have Aaron Francisco falling down and blind refs unable to see Santonio Holmes right foot NOT touch the ground.

It might be that Warner was really good. It might be that Fitz is a stud. It might be a combination of timing and luck. But since that Superbowl run, most Cards fans (myself included) have given Whiz geniuses status. 

I say NO MORE.

How many games have we lost, like today, that we "should" have won? Last season, the preseason decision to drop Leinert was a disaster. There is no question that DA sucked. Whether your a Leinert fan, or not, he at least knew our offense. I don't think he was given an equal chance in the preseason games and dropping him doomed our year from the start. Even with DA,  Max Hall, and Skelton, we had games like today...that we "should" have won.

Our play calling is comical. We pass too much. We have to establish some running dominance. Our OL is geared to be a pulling, power blocking unit. But we pass 65% of the time.

Our defense, gives up yards like crazy. And when we need the offense to use up some clock and just hold time of possession, what do we do...3 & out.

On defense, we blitz way too much. How many "big" plays do we give up?

I watch games from all over the league. We have a number of talented players. It has to be the coaches

responsibility to get them to play better. I don't know who I would want to hire as a new coach. I like that Whiz is not a hothead. His press conferences are boring. I'm glad he's not a clown, like Ryan (Jets) or goofy like Carrol.  Most times I wish he sounded more like Tomlin, ( Steelers).  Perhaps Gruden would a good replacement.
I've been a Cardinal fan for 40 years. There's nothing different now than there was through the decade's of the 70's(2 playoff appearances), 80's (2 playoff appearances), 90's (1 playoff appearance), 2000's (2 playoff appearances). It's frustrating to be Cards fan.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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