Defending Kevin Kolb: Cleaning up the Controversy

This is the third post in which I am defending Kevin Kolb. However this is the first where I am defending him when he has not played in the last two weeks and the Cardinals have won. (This is also why it may be the less detailed of the three) In my first two articles I defended Kolb by comparing him to other QBs or past QBs  that were put in a similar situation. This time I am going to be defending Kolb against Skelton and how they run the offense.

I will preface the argument with this. I have been a huge John  Skelton guy since before the draft. I think he can be a good QB in the league but just not yet. The majority of this article is going to disprove the notion I am hear about " With Skelton the offense has less three and outs" It will be done by first looking at the teams each QB has played and that team ranking on 1st Downs allowed and Turnover ranking of the defense as well. I will then talk about how many 3 and out each QB has had and the average per game and turnover average.

The Teams Kolb has played 1st Down defense rank and TO rank:

                                         1st Down                                                TO

Panther:                             17th                                                     27th               

Redskins:                          6th                                                       17th                         

Seahawks:                        22nd                                                    14th

Giants:                               18th                                                      5th

Vikings:                              24th                                                      22nd

Steelers:                              4th                                                      32nd

Ravens:                               3rd                                                        9th

Average:                            13.42th (or 14th)                                  18th

Teams John Skelton has played 1st Down and TO rank:

                                          1st Down                                               TO

Rams:                                   23rd                                                  29th

Eagles:                                  13th                                                  14th

Average;                                 18th                                                 21.5th (or 22nd)

As shown John Skelton has on average played teams that are worse at getting teams off the field then Kevin Kolbs competition whether it be by turnovers or in 1st downs allowed. It would be expected to see that Skeltoin has less turnovers and less three ad outs then Kolb.

By the Numbers:

Kevin Kolb;

In seven games he has had 16 three and outs, and 11 turnovers. That is 2.8, 3-and-outs per game and 1.57 turnovers per game

John Skelton:

In two games has seven three and outs and 2 turnovers. That is 3.5, 3-and-outs per game and 1 turnover per game.

What Does this mean?

Well despite playing against lesser competition John Skelton has not improved the efficiency of the Cardinals offense in any significant way. He has shown good poise in the pocket and some good touch passes but is still less consistent than Kevin Kolb. The fans were on Kolb for completing olnly 56% of his passes. Skelton has only completed 54% of his. This is also in spite of knowing the receivers and having a year longer in the  offense. You might say "Well Skelton just wins that's what matters" but I would point out that Calias Campbell and Patrick Petersen won that game. You'd say " but Skelton scored the tying TD" I'd say that with out the two safeties we wouldn't of needed to go to OT int the first place." The fact is the defense has played a lot better in the last two games and that has helped this team win. Skelton did play his role last week but it would be foolish to not see what Kolb can do. I am not saying there isn't a QB controversy cause there is. I am just saying the competition should be close to even right now, not in favor of Skelton as some have eluded to. I'd still go with Kolb right now but Skelton is going to make his case this off-season.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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