Is Whisenhunt Really who we Think He is?!?!

First and foremost this is a not a calling for Coach's head, only a question of his career choices and decisioning.


  • Coach comes to the desert and gives us Cardinals faithful a 8 and 8 season. (I knew they built that toaster for a reason)
  • Coach in his only his second year takes the Cardinals to the Superbowl! (what!! the cardinals, in the superbowl???)
  • Coach in his third year, 10 wins!! (wtf! ten wins, we're amazing!)


Kurt Warner is blindsided after an interception in the playoffs and his career is over. ( Now I'm not even saying that Kurt made Whisenhunt who he is, although it can be argued. My first questioning of Whisenhunt's tenor occurs after this game. You, me, and your grandma knew that either after that season or the next Kurt was gonna hang up the cleats. And we all seemed unconcerned and oblivious to the fact he had an heir apparent by the name of Matt Leinart (I'll get to him in a minute) and Brian St. Pierre to succeed our start of a Dynasty (yes! I said that) Superbowl run, and a 10-6 season with loss to the pending champs.

Flashback to 2006, the genius Bill Cowher retires and its obvious to Whisenhunt and 99% of Steelwhore, I mean Steeler fans that the Whiz is takin' ova! Or is he? No lets replace Cowher with a rookie 34 year old defensive coordinator out of Minnesota. And no one seemed to question this move in Arizona, the Steelers didn't want him, but he was more that welcome in the state of AZ. At the time I was still in shock at the release of our first big name coach ever (in AZ) and thought, who the hell is Ken Whisenhunt?

We start 2010 and our golden boy, our franchise boy, our gift from heaven was finally ready. Or was he? Cut before the regular season even starts is our starting quarterback for reasons unknown? (playing too conservatively, sleeping with Whiz's daughter, who knows!)

All I know is that there is more to being a head coach than just orchestrating football games. You also have to build and maintain a quality roster. Blame it on Rod Graves, hell blame it on the Bidwell's I won't fight you, but include Ken Whisenhunt in those blames as well. Bye Bye Karlos Dansby, Bye Bye Anquan Boldin, bye Antonio Smith, bye Antrel Rolle, most recently bye bye DRC. Now it can be argued we may not have needed some of those players as urgently as I make it seem, but what we did need is: regularity, seniority, and experience and it all walked out the front door. This is not how you build a football team.

So the coach who lost let go 4 starting players in free agency/trades (yes! some of them walked under there own free will and wanted out of here, but money talks and bullshit walks) decides its also good idea to release his only quarterback who "knows" his system before the regular season and proceed with a proven joke of a quarterback.( And what did he think he was gonna do? Win the west? I admit I thought we could, boy was I wrong. This actually was a move that was going to shake this franchise for sometime. This leads us to 2011, trade the house for a quarterback we know we can win with. Again I am not counting out Kolb (but I do like Skelton better, even after 11/20/11) we made a big bet, did we lose, too early to tell that is all. But back to my point that moved shook this franchise, we didn't draft a quarterback to groom, which BTW Whiz hasn't done since we got here, doesn't appear Whiz is tryin to build Skelton, for what its worth. IE: paying Kolb 65mil.

Now we are in 2011, about to conclude our second dismal season (5-11 I predict). Ken and Rod both with extensions, Kolb and Fitzgerald in the desert longterm. What now? What becomes of us? Does Kolb go gorillas in 2013 and go probowl on us? Does he perform mediocre but better than this year and we compete?

Ken, whats the worse that could have happened? We could have won 6-9 games a season with Matt Leinart for 2 seasons while you found your quarterback, but no we have been forced to all be proud cardinal fans* for 2 seasons being berated by our friend and family.



<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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