Comparing Kolb and Skelton (QB Aspects)

This is just a continuation of a comment from one of the other Quarterback Debate Fanposts where it was asked what aspects of the Quarterback position Kevin Kolb is better than John Skelton at.

This is the comment I am refering to:

If anybody dares

Plz tell me one aspect of the qb position that Kolb is better at then Skelton.

Arm strength- Skelton
Accuracy- Tie
Awareness- Skelton
Vision- Skelton
Ability to read defense- Skelton
Ability to read routes- Skelton
Poise- Skelton
Leadership- Skelton
Ability to avoid pressure- Skelton
Touch- Skelton
Deep ball- Skelton
Mid range ball- Skelton
Short ball- Tie

After this, the debate continued on for a little bit. Now I'd like to bring this debate back here and see what all of you guys think. Again, this is all just our opinion, we are not stating facts just what our eyes tell us.

Arm strength- Skelton, obviously. Kolb is fine in this department, he has enough arm strength to make all of the throws but Skelton has the kind of elite arm strength that Cutler and Stafford have.

Accuracy- Kolb. Both of them have been inconsistent in this area, but here I am looking at their accuracy when their feet are set and they are able to step into the throw. Basically when everything goes right for both of them. When Kolb gets to do that, his accuracy seems fine to me, meanwhile Skelton even when he is able to step into throws his throws are hit or miss.

Mechanics- Skelton. I'm fine with both of their throwing motions. Kolb has more of a sidearm motion like what Warner had, Skelton is more of a traditional overhand throwing motion, but both of them get the ball out quickly so I'm fine with that. Skelton has the edge in footwork though, which is also one of Kolb's bigger issues. Some film was shown after the Steelers game on NFL Network that shows that his stance can get too wide when he throws and he can't get as much accuracy on his passes.

Ability to read defense- Kolb, neither one of them has done a great job at that so far this year, but just from what I have seen I give Kolb a slight edge. This is something that I did not hear on TV because I was watching with the TV muted and the Radio on, but apparently Billick said that the 49ers DC told him they don't really have to worry about disguising coverages because Skelton can't read them and he is going to lock on to Fitz anyway.

Ability to read routes- Skelton, mostly because he has more experience in this system, with the receivers, and the playbook right now. When Kolb gets more experience this could change.

Poise- Skelton

Leadership- Skelton. I think that both of them are good leadership wise, but Skelton has done a better job rallying the team in crunch time so he gets the edge here.

Mobility- Kolb. I think Kolb is a better athlete, but Skelton has done a better job at using his mobility to extent plays.

Ability to sense/avoid pressure- Skelton. Extension of the previous one, Skelton had just done a better job using his mobility to step up in the pocket and extend plays when necessary.

Touch- Kolb. Slight edge. Both of them can throw touch passes, but I have seen too many plays where they rifle balls when they don't need to.

Deep ball- Skelton. Slight Edge

Mid range ball- Kolb. Slight edge

Short ball- Kolb

Now, I didn't write a full explanation for all of these because I felt like I covered everything in other spots. I also combined a couple of the ones I did not use in the list with other categories. As I have said before, I do like both guys, but I think Kolb should be the guy and we need to give him more time to prove that he was worth trading from. Seven starts is not enough to prove if he is the guy or not, and we probably won't know until sometime next season after he gets a full offseason/training camp in this offense.

Now lets keep this debate going, say who you think is better in each of these categories and if there is anything else you want to add here go ahead.

Keep everything civil in the comments as well please.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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