Arizona Cardinals Game Ball, Week 12

The Arizona Cardinals beat the St. Louis Rams and had some very good performances by a few players. As we do each week, our panel of writers give a game ball to one of the players on the team. Hit the jump to see who got game balls.

Please comment on the choices and let us know who would be your choice and why. 

Jess Root:

You can't go wrong here. Between Patrick Peterson, Sam Acho and Beanie Wells, there is no wrong choice. But since it was Beanie that set a franchise record and had his two longest runs in his NFL career, he gets the game ball. Plus, he got an actual game ball after the game. 

Jesse Reynolds:

Easy, Chris "Beanie" Wells.

Mario Ortiz:

Sam Acho!

Tyler Nickel:

Beanie Wells gets my game ball hands down. Although I only caught bits and pieces of the game, I did see him make some great runs and he finally looked to have his feet under him for this first time in a while. He broke the franchise record for rushing yards in a single game and for that, he wins big time.


After Peterson scored on the Punt return, I thought about giving it to him, then Beanie Wells just went out and broke a Cardinals franchise record for rushing yards, and completely shattered his previous career high in rushing yards. And he also did it on a gimpy knee. Congrats Beanie, you get the gameball.


How do you not give it to Beanie? Two huge runs, and consistently getting solid yardage on run plays. Only knock on him was not being able to turn those long runs into touchdowns.


Yeah, I'm all aboard the Beaniemobile today. Franchise record rushing. Two breakaway runs. Ran with power. 228YDS. 1 TD. Sore knee.


You don't even need to make a gameball post this week. Just post the words "Beanie Wells" and everyone will understand.


I've got to go Beanie Wells as well. He showed quite a bit of heart and dedication to the team in his continuing to shoulder the offense and perform when the passing offense stutters. Sunday Beanie opened a new chapter in his time with the team.


The easy choice is to go with Beanie Wells or Patrick Peterson, Wells was 61% of our offense and Peterson with his punt return TD, but I am going with Sam Acho, 2 sacks, 2 FF and a FR. They came at key times, he took points away from the Rams while they were driving and he gave the offense the ball in a great position which led to a TD. A possible 14 point swing in a game won by 3 points.

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