Some Notes from the Rams Game

The following are some quick notes from the Rams game;

John Skelton-

Is in no way ready to replace Kolb. He did however show big improvement from last year in the little aspects of the game. The most important was he played with some swagger. That confidence is something you need as a QB and I haven't seen that from Kolb. Other than that he played very similar to Kolb but the no huddle was nice to see. I like Skelton and he can be a good insurance policy on the Kolb deal.

Beanie Wells-

Clearly isn't healthy yet. I commend him for trying to go but with the Rams loading up on the run it was not a good game by Beanie.

The other WRs-

It was great to see the other WR actual step up when they are covering Fitz. It was needed. They didn't play like #2 receivers but they did play far better than they have. Might of had something to do with Skelton being more comfortable with them then Kolb.

Sam Acho and O'Brien Schofield-

Stepping up. I had repeated on this site that Acho can be a very good OLB. I thought he was the steal of our draft. If you haven't noticed in the last three games he had roughly 7 to 9 quarters of work and 3 sacks. Schofield I didn't know if he was the answer or not needed to see more but he is looking good as well. This is good I don't like the talent of 3-4 OLBs in the draft right not the best I see is Courtney Upshaw but he is graded as a late first early second.

Calais Campbell-

Clearly is right now the Cardinals best 3-4 D-linemen. Getting sacks making plays, blocking FGs. He need to play with more consistency on every down but he is the Cardinals best. Resign this guy Bidwell don't let him go next year.

Darnell Dockett-

clearly is not right for a 3-4 D. I'd trade him for a late first or high 2nd in next years draft to a 4-3 team. (in the off-season) Maybe to Indy or Tennesse? If not those two I'm sure Philly would take him. With that pick I probably take Vontez Burfict out of ASU. Being a current ASU student and watching every game this guy is a beast when he turns it on. ( might have a slight bias though)

Patrick Petersen-

That is why he was said to be a can't miss prospect. The guy has 2 punt returns for a TD in the last 2 games. Not to mention he got an Int in this game. CB is the hardest position to learn coming out of college. I think Petersen starting to get the hang of things a bit, still got some major work to do though. So far this pick is responsible for winning one game, we he will be need next week as well.


The Defense-

typical of a Steelers type D the defense tighten things up in the Red Zone. They allowed no TDs. I have seen this red zone D in other games as well which is a good sign of what this D can be next year. The only gave up 3 FGs the other 4 points came from 2 safeties.


This was an exciting game. By no means does this mean we have turned the corner but a win I think gives ever player a little more energy the next week in practice which could result in more wins. I have stated I do not think the 49ers are a good as advertised. Maybe they will collapse like the SF Giants or even better the Red Socks. They are good but not one of the elite teams in the league. Not really any elite teams though maybe Green Bay but their D need to improve some in points and yards given up. On to Philly a team I'm sure Kevin Kolb knows something about.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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