5 players who Must bring their "A" game

This is just a list of players that I think have to absolutely play phenomenal in order for us to walk out of Philly with another W notched in the belt. I am gonna put them in order of importance (based on my opinion).


1) Beanie Wells- Obviously most people should agree here. The only way we have a chance on offense is to exploit their Wide 9 and make their LBs pay and play the gaps so we can open up our pass attack.

2) Kolb/Skelton- I dont want to see alot of mistakes here. Im not asking for them to play like Brady or Rodgers. All they need to do is make the correct reads, make good decisions with the ball, do not force to Fitz, and try to stay out of the endzone with the ball in their hands. If beanie can open up the run game, I believe we can hit alot of underneath routes and play-action them to hell.

3) Adrian Wilson- Now this may be a bit more controversial, not who i listed but the order in which he was listed. ADub did alot of good things against the Rams. He finished the game with quite a few tackles and quite a few tackles for loss. I saw him playing on the LOS last game more then i have in the past 2-3 years. He can absolutely take over for periods in a game when he gets his game flowing. The best thing is that he can really help to hold LeSean McCoy in check with the inexperience of our young and likely starting OLBs, SCHOCHO, as i have heard them called. And i think Mike Vick may have trouble trying to make plays on foot when ADub is coming off the edge and getting into the pocket. Lets not forget that  he will need to play some good coverage in the secondary as well.

4) Calais Campbell- We need somebody that is gonna make the Eagles DLine stay on their toes and send help to block. Enter CC! He has been a menace for opposing QBs this year with 5 sacks so far and that cannot slow down right now. If Dockett is eating up blocks, calais better be chasing Vick to his own endzone, or body slamming him like he is Dan Henderson. His effectiveness is KEY to slowing their offense down.

5) Patrick Peterson- I wanna see him covering Desean Jackson and i want to see him do it well. I have no doubt that he can, as i believe "Fraction Jackson" is overrated and Peterson has the speed to keep him in check. His cover skills are getting better by the week and Im very excited to see how he handles himself this week seeing as how he is sorta in the national spotlight right now and has people really paying attention to him. I just hope it doesnt get the best of him this sunday.

There ya have it thats my list, feel free to make your own lists or rip mine apart in the comments section!


By the way... Its gonna be very interesting to see if Reid has DRC covering Fitz this game and how much. If anybody has a chance against Fitz I would think the guy who knows everything about how he plays and practiced covering him everyday for 3 years would have a better shot then most. Just some food for thought.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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