Arizona Cardinals 2011 Grades: Who Should Stay And Who Should Go?

This is a summary of prominent Cardinal figures and the opinion of whether they should be part of the makeup of the Cardinals in 2012.

So here we go:

Ken Whisenhunt: (B-) STAY Don Coryell is probably the best coach in Cardinals history. But Ken Whisenhunt shows great coaching pedigree, all-time wins and tremendous personal characteristics too. Resilience. Patience. Decisiveness. Leadership Projection. That said, with multiple years at the helm, it is now time to step up and take this team to an 11 or 12 win season. Since the Super Bowl, we have been cruising along at roughly .500. Part of the leadership equation is finding the people who can get you there.

Mike Miller: (C) GO Mike Miller is an uninspiring choice at OC. Just when it seems we fixed the defensive issues are we now going to have to deal with Mike Miller running the show; the Clancy Pendergast of OC's? We've all complained about play calling being vanilla and too predictable. I don't think Miller does a bad job, per se... but if we are going to contend, we need someone who can conjure up something more then 20 points per game.

Ray Horton: (A) STAY As I alluded to earlier in the season, give the man time to implement his defense. You did and he delivered. Isn't great to say the best coaching job on the staff was done by the Defense Coordinator? After the frustrating years of Bill Davis and Clancy Pendergast, I think the Cardinals have finally found their man.

Russ Grimm: (D) GO The conundrum-- once the Cardinals finally part ways with Grimm it means his future head coaching chances take a BIG hit. The Cardinals staff genuinely likes this guy and wants him to succeed. To do less would be a betrayal of loyalty, from their perspective. But Grimm has been given every opportunity to coach up a porous line. He has failed repeatedly. True, he hasn't been given the talent. But he hasn't made a mark with what he has been given either. The only thing Russ Grimm is owed at this point--- is a fresh start somewhere else. If he is "that good"... he'll rebound. I'm thinking not, however.

Levi Brown: (F) GO I'd say don't let the door hit you in the ___ on the way out. But if you watch the replay you'll see the door clearly blows by him. Unfortunately, the play where the door did that has to come back. False Start #75 Offense.

Kevin Kolb: (C) STAY Next year is "no excuses" however. Time to get up to the task as starting QB. I think Kolb will be up to that task... but he can't turn his back on plays. And he has to start making them.

John Skelton: (B) STAY I don't think anyone can deny that Skelton does what a backup QB is called upon to do... win games. This guy is a good QB. And we now have two good QB's. And given the injuries we've seen... you need two good quarterbacks in the NFL. I see Skelton's overall progress as slightly behind Kolb's. But Skelton has overperformed as the backup QB while Kolb as underperformed as the starter. Hence, the higher grade.

Rod Graves: (B) STAY I never understand the negativity around this guy with the fan base. He's made some mistakes. But most GM's rarely get this job right greater than 75% anyway. Needs to fix out OL in the draft, though... right? He should have realized this quicker than what he did. But he then again, he never drafted Kelly Stouffer either which is the ultimate GM crime. That's bonus enough for me.

Todd Haley: (A) BRING HIM BACK Do this Ken W. and you will then have two quality coordinators PLUS R. Williams, B. Wells, L. Fitzgerald, T. Heap and a developing Kolb. (licks chops...)

Calais Campbell: (B+) STAY Please let's get him locked up.

The Bidwill's: (A-) STAY Yea. Yea. I know you are shocked. But you shouldn't be. Any time something goes wrong with anything in this organization and it's seemingly the Bidwill's fault. Why? Because its safe and easy.
Yes, Warner should have been locked up in a contract much sooner and the decision not to bring in more QB's last year was a colossal mistake. However, I've noticed that Michael Bidwell tends not to repeat mistakes and the man shows more passion for his football team than most owners I've come across not named Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft or Al Davis. He wears a bright Cardinal Red blazer for pete's sake and looks ridiculous in it. He's willing to go THAT far for his team. I love this man. And as a native St. Louisian, I'll tell you his father did more behind the scenes for that community than most... and was always quiet about it.
So that's it. Ok, how about your thoughts? Grades?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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