2012 FA's At Key Positions

QB: Drew Brees anyone? - Longshot because he's close in Contract Talks buy hey anythings possible right? I know, I know I'm dreaming.

Jason Campbell- He has been a serviceable QB in Oakland. He lacks quite a few tools to take Oakland to the playoffs but has still played well. He'd be an excellent QB brought in to push Kevin Kolb or John Skelton for the starting job.

Matt Flynn- As far as realistic, long-term options go, Matt Flynn may be the most pursued man. In his lone regular season appearance, he moved the Packers offense up and down the field in a national game, and almost knocked off a Patriots team in their house. He lacks the ideal tools, but plenty of quarterbacks have done more with less. Flynn has been taught by and learned from the best in Green Bay and will be ready to see if his career holds more than a clipboard.

Derek Anderson- Comon who can't love this man?

RB: Chester Taylor- Lock him up. He's been a serviceable RB for us and has been an excellent 3rd down blocker. He's old but we could use his services.

Legarette Blount or Tim Hightower- Who wouldn't want Blount on their team? He's been a shining star on a Bucaneers team that has underachieved this year. He's injury prone but he's played well. Hightower would be nice to see in Cardinal Red again, in case Wells or Williams were to go down with injury.

WR: Wes Welker- You have to think Brady will make a push to keep him around if the front office shockingly has other plans.

Vincent Jackson- Partially due to his actions and injuries, the Chargers have been reluctant to sign Vincent Jackson to a long-term extension. If there's any animosity between the two parties, this could be the time where there's a split. Still, the best guess is that the team will pay Jackson like a number one receiver and keep him in San Diego.

Marques Colston- When healthy, Colston is a match-up nightmare for any corner. He's an incredibly physical receiver and a sure-handed, polished route runner. When he's available, he brings another dimension to the Saints offense that none of their other talented weapons possess. Though Brees has proven capable of running the offense without him, they're even more dangerous with him. GET HIM

OL: Demetrius Bell- Bell is another under-the-radar player capable of protecting the blindside and is a vital piece to the Bills' offense with an expiring contract. Though he's an above average pass protector, he's an even better run blocker for the left side. The Bills have some work to be done to keep all of the pieces together, which could allow Bell to slip through the cracks into free agency.

Kicker: Jay Feely is a FA this year as is Neil Rackers. You choose.

DE: Robert Mathis- In a big offseason for the Colts, no defensive free agent is more important than Robert Mathis who has publicly stated his discontent with the lack of a long-term extension. The Colts defense relies upon quarterback pressure and Mathis is an enormous part of that. It'll be interesting to see if the Colts can scrounge together enough money to keep Mathis.

Calais Campbell- If we lose out on him there are other Defensive Ends but they are getting up there in age, Campbell would be a great signing for us long term.

NT: Antonio Garay- With Williams under performing it's vital we bring someone in. Nick Eason and David Carter have done a good job while he's been out, but Eason's up in age and Carter will need to be polished. Garay is a Pro Bowl kind of NT.

LB: London Fletcher- Even at 36 years old, Fletcher is still playing strong football in the middle of the Redskins' revitalized defense.

Anthony Spencer- Spencer hasn't emerged as he was poised to do two seasons ago, but is about as good a left outside linebacker as the league has to offer. He's a strong run defender and capable of putting some pressure on the quarterback. Though he benefits from playing opposite the league's best outside linebacker, Spencer should have a small niche market pursuing his services this offseason.

And Finally... DB's: Richard Marshall- Been a very solid CB for us this season, and should be kept.

AJ Jefferson & Greg Toler: Jefferson has come a long way from earlier this season. He's been playing far better than we would have hoped he would have done coming into this season. Toler suffered the knee injury but showed much promise before it. We should re-sign him and see if the promise was real, or nothing

That's my list. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to use the comments section below.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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