Do You Trust Wiz Drafting Now?

Im going to give Wiz a Pass on the 07 draft because it was his first one but Lets take a look at his drafts after that:

08 Draft [1] DRC, [2] Calais Campbell, [3] Early Doucet, [4] Kenny Iwebema [5] Tim Hightower, [6] Chris Harrington, [7] Brandon Keith

Analysis: Arguably a great draft class, CC is a beast, DRC was a good corner while with us, Tim Hightower was a good late round pickup and a 7th round pick on a tackle still with the team that is why 7th round picks are there.

09 Draft [1] Chris "Beanie" Wells, [2] Cody Brown, [3] Rashad Johnson, [4] Greg Toler, [5] Herman Johnson, [6] Will Davis [7a] LaRod Stephens-Howling, [7b] Trevor Canfield

Analysis: Not a great draft as for superstars but look what you did get, Chris Wells Starter 1000 yard rusher, Rashad Johnsen filled in nicely for 2 months and could be a starter soon, Greg Toler would of been a starter, Stephens-Howling great utility back and alternative to Wells as a different style runner. Not great lots of misses but when you come off a superbowl appearance you dont have alot of needs are are choosing lower in the draft.

10 Draft [1] Dan Williams, [2] Daryl Washington, [3] Andre Roberts, [4] O'Brien Schofield, [5] John Skelton, [6] Jorrick Calvin, [7] Jim Dray

Analysis: Washington, Schofield, Skelton, so far anchors of our team, roberts is coming on nicely and dan williams while not great was a solid nose tackle pick up for a team with an aging brian robinson. (i think that was his name) So far we are getting potential superstars all around.

11 Draft [1] Patrick Peterson, [2] Ryan Williams, [3] Rob Housler, [4] Sam Acho, [5] Anthony Sherman, [6a] Quan Sturdivant, [6b] David Carter, [7] DeMarco Sampson.

Analysis: This may be the best draft in the history of the NFL (okay so maybe not) but its Wiz's best class yet. PP is going to be a solid corner if not superstar, Ryan Williams probably would of rushed for 500 yards (minimum) as a rookie backing up Wells, Rob Housler has been hurt but looked good in limited time im glad he had another year behind king and heap learn from the best, Sam Acho is a solid OLB maybe not superstar but a great pick, Anthony Sherman is a stud no to ways to look about that. And David Carter has been a welcome surprise.I look at the draft this way We Got the Best CB in the Draft, Some say the Best TE in the draft, The Best FB in the Draft, and The Second best RB in the Draft. Thats Friggen Impressive..

Wiz has for the most part improved our team every year we draft. Bringing in aging FA to teach the younger players when possible and getting great value on the picks. Our fifth round pick of Anthony Sherman may be the best pick sence Tom Brady went in the 7th Round. My opinion, specially for someone looking to run like the Steelers. (im even ranking that above Steve Breaston which wiz also drafted in the 5th round)

So what do you think? Do you trust Wizenhunt when it comes to drafting players now after seeing the successes of his drafts over the last few years? He has shown he learned from "the Brown Incident" and now drafts best player available. Or as Wiz puts it "best player available to fill a need"

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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