2011 recap: Position by Position

Safety: A peculiar position for the Cardinals. This is one of two positions we have with two marquee players with plenty of attitude, experience and talent. Rhodes got injured, but appeared to spend his time with a bumfoot on the bench press, and is still a great safety. Rashad Johnson is a backup but could start for another team. Last but not least my favorite Cardinal Adrian Wilson . He is a beast and in the best of the NFL talk he is still getting snubbed, one of only two active 20/20 club members in the NFL. He may not be the ballhawk the ":best" safety/s are, but neither of those two will stuff an RB at the LoS like Adub can either. Now that the defense is under the Tutelage of Ray Horton with the assistance of a youth movement at a different position on the defense Adub's best years may very well be in front of him.

Cornerback: A position that you could proclaim to be a CB nursery. A couple solid DB's and three others with different skill sets. It will be interesting to see how they progress next season.

Linebacker: We experienced a MUCH needed youth movement. Lenon held his own for an old man, but Haggans was exposed in coverage time and time again. Porter like Faneca was just a wasted roster spot. Washington was all over the field. Scho and Cho were able to generate a pass rush and come up BIG every now and then. Lenon held his own, and Bradley spending so much time on the bench is worrisome. Washington needs a thumper to pair up with and he is already in Tempe.

Defensive Line: The other position we have featuring two marquee players. Simply put CC and DD may be argued as Top 5 3-4 DE's, but seriously we have both of them so who cares. Dan Williams came in to training camp overweight and out of shape. He was looking like the real estate hog he was drafted to be before an unfortunate season ending injury occured. Nick Eason and Vonnie Holliday provided solid depth. David Carter rounds out this group and has already been worth his draft stock, he will probably never be a full time starter, but it's nice to know we have a rotational guy that can make noise at all 3 spots on the line. One last thing, i'm crossing my fingers the FO locks CC up with a 7 year deal.

Offensive Line: The play was simply offensive. This is a position that needs to be addressed in FA I know everyone is clamoring for an OT in the first round, but we would probably be better off showing the money to 3 guys named, Demetrius Bell, Carl Knicks, and Ben Grubbs..

Wide Receiver: Fitz is Fitz, Doucet is every bit the Boldin-lite we were hoping for. Roberts disappoints and wows at the same time. Stuckey is roster fill and a wasted roster spot. Williams is fast and tall, but I don't recall seeing him at all this season. Sampson is a 7th round pick, we didn't see much of this season.

Tight End: Jeff King was a great signing, solid and productive. Todd Heap was finally sighted a few weeks ago after disappearing for half the season. Jim Dray didn't make much noise. Rob Housler is our piece for the evolution of a position, and he was wide open multiple times this season, but it would seem he is either too excited or just has terrible hands. I hope it was just the excitement.

Full back: The Shermanator is simply a beast and will help our ground game for seasons to come.

Running back: Beanie Wells is just a beast of a back. LaSh was simply dynamic all he did was make huge plays in the clutch, but running him inside still confuses me, maybe Mike Miller hasn't heard of a two back set. Taylor is just a journeymen back. Smith probably won't be around next season. Ryan Williams sat the season out due to an unfortunate knee injury, but seems like he will run like Frank Gore. This position looks very bright going forward.

Quarterback: Is just a hot mess. Kolb didn't look like a guy in his fifth season. Skelton can't get off to a fast start. Bartel is just simply roster fill. Two seasons and still no answer for the departed Kurt Warner which is the bad; however the good is we still managed to win seven and possibly eight games. At least the team has gotten better even if the QB position has not.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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