Offseason opinion- top 5 needs and draft plans.

I am not going to waste time discussing the cba because it is going to get worked out. As stupid and greedy as both sides are, they are not stupid enough to show all of us psychotic fans that life will continue without the NFL. Moving on, I will discuss what I think we should do in the draft and free agency to improve our team. I will move in order of what I think our biggest needs are.

Obviously #1 is QB:

An elite QB has never been as important to a team as it is in today's NFL. Look at the past Superbowl winners (Brady, Big Ben, Manning (both of em'), Brees, Rogers). In fact since the early 90's the only Superbowl winning QB's that were not first or second round picks are Brady, Warner and Brad Johnson(9th rnd). Yes Dilfer sucked but he did go 6 overall and I don't think Warner or Brady really fit because they are/were top QB's in the league even though they were not a high draft picks. so basically Brad Jonson is the exception in the past 20 years. I know, Eli isn't very good, and Big Ben has that steeler 'D', and yadaadadada... Point is you almost need to hit on a high draft pick at QB to be successful. that being said, I don't feel like there is a top QB in this years draft. I do not like the risk involved with any of the i mean prospects at the QB position.

I think we need to trade to find the answer. I like Kolb (sorry to you who hate him). Andy Reid is a pretty good coach and if he was willing to trade McNabb, unsure of Vick and ready to roll with Kolb, good enough for me. He has shown he can make all the throws and is young. also, he has said he would like to come to and chuck up mary's to fitz, and who wouldn't. this would allow us to sign fitz long term which we need to do. He brings leadership, work ethic, clutch, character, production. Kolb also was a 2nd rounder which means he fits in the category of the past Superbowl winners.

Kolb - A+, trade this year's 2nd rounder, swap 3 round picks this year and a conditional pick for next year. 

The other option in my opinion is Orton. He is a good QB and a bit like a poor man's Warner. Quick release, accurate, intelligent. If the broncos are willing to shop him and take a risk on tebow, good for them, lets strike while the iron is hot. this years 3 round pick would be enough to to get him along with maybe a conditional pick next year. Also, lets not kid ourselves we will never, at least not anytime soon, be a run first team. our whole line was a bunch of maulers and we hardly ran the ball(i understand other factors affected this, but come on!!) Orton fits that our style of O very well.

I like Orton a lot more if we/ the FO feels that Skelton is the real deal. Skelton can learn from Orton (hopefully his quick release and accuracy) and he will be ready to take over in a few years. Orton would instantly bring our offense into a way better place then it is now and would take some pressure off our D. 

I do not like Drafting a QB high. To much risk. Also, lets be cognizant of how QB's are treated/ handled on the Cards. Whiz loves pulling QB's, flip-flopping and be secretive about his plans. Can a rookie handle this? Orton has lived his whole career in that (Chicago and Denver) and Kolb has been through that as well. to me this shows a strong mentality which is needed in sports, especially when you are as high profile as a QB. Look at leinart, he was still a kid and the league/whiz ate him up. I want a mentally tough team leader, not a risk.

Orton- B to B+.

Next need is O Line:

Yes our D was terrible. I feel that they were bad because BIll Davis sucked (can I get an AMEN!!), and our Offense sucked. We could not sustain a drive last year. Our D played way to many minutes. That being said, I do not think that there are a lot of O linemen worthy of a #5 overall selection. but I feel we could do pretty good in free agency. First off, let luiti walk. he's a bum. all the talent in the world will not prevail against laziness and lack of discipline. Plus he wants big money...for what??

top targets I want - Keep Lyle at C, he's fine.

Gaither- Yes he has some injury issues but he has the potential to big a legit franchise LT. He is young and he, Kolb, beanie and fitz could have our O moving in the right direction. We could even pretend that Levi will stay at LT and hopefully sign him for RT money. But if we need to break the bank to get him I say we do. 

Trueblood- RT- I think he is underrated and would be an upgrade at Tackle. It would be nice to have options at tackle (Keith, Trueblood, Brown and Gaither). Plus not that expensive.

I want to keep Faneca, he is a leader and god mentor for younger players. 

I want to see Brown kick back inside or get released. maybe send him to Dallas so he can be the second coming of Leonard Davis somewhere else. to much money for the production. spend that money on someone good.

I would love to this o-line - Gaither-Faneca-Sledlein- Brown- Trueblood, and I do not think it is unreasonable. 

Need #3:  Pass rush- more specifically a LB.

Draft- #5 overall, the Arizona Cardinals select Von Miller out of A & M. I really want Von Miller. the only acceptable other choice in my mind is Peterson and maybe the Prince (maybe). Miller is legit. If you have not read his scouting reports, read them. He needs to be our pick. we need a sack artist who weighs less then 290lbs (sorry DD and CC). 

Need #4:

TE (and maybe WR's) - Here is one thing that has baffled me for years. we love to throw  the ball but we always have the worst (receiving) TE's in the league. Patick, Pope, Spach, etc. Boooooo. they suck. I want to see Kevin Boss in Cardinals red next season. Great blocking TE with solid hands and enough wiggle to be effective in the Red Zone. I like Dray as a #2, but not as our #1 option at TE. 

WR- I would like to see stevie B and Early come back, I just hope they don't want to much. If one or both go, I want in order Lance Moore (great slot guy, reliable hands), then the Jones. James first and Jacoby second. James Jones is legit and starting to blossom as a WR. only question mark is his hands. but we all know where the ball is going in an important situation (I give you a clue, his first name rhymes with harry). Jacoby is a speed guy, good returner and is used to playing with a top wideout in Houston.

Need #5: Secondary, although I don't understand why.

Our bad pass D was due to bad technique (stemming from coaching, thanks Billy), bad focus (coaching again, thanks Bill, you truly were great!), and exhaustion (to many minutes). Horton should clean up a lot of that, especially because that is his area of expertise. But we could use another piece. I would love to see toler in the nickel and another top corner on the outside. Ike might come south like so many of his brethen from the steelers, but i would love to see like a jonathan joeseph or unite the cromarties or something big. make a splash. Nnamdi would be phenomenal, but not likely. also, I would like to see Adub play less in passing situations. Sorry, I love ADUB and he is the Cardinals, but he was a liability in coverage (See Gates, Antonio).

Draft- Ideal

Round 1- Von Miller

Round 2- trade with Kolb

Round 3- James Carpenter (OT out of Bama')

Our FO office is great in the late rounds and that trend should continue.

Join the conversation, go Cards and if things start off poorly next year I say we tank and try to win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes net year (circa the SA Spurs getting Tim Duncan). Hopefully the Bidwills open the Bank and put a winner on the field like they promised.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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