It's Time For The Arizona Cardinals To Blow It Up

I am a big sports fan and a huge Cards fan and have been for years. I am always so frustrated at teams that refuse to rebuild. teams are always looking to be competitive every year. I say we throw the season, and start over. The NFL has become such a win now league that it is impossible to build for the future because coaches worry about job security. well I think that we can all agree that we like Whiz and feel that he is capable of rebuilding a franchise. lets give him an opportunity to do so. Look at the NFL, what do the top teams have in common? Elite QB, yes, but what is key is stability in the front offices. green bay (ted thompson), New England (Billy Bob), Philly (Reid), Steelers (rooney/tomlin), Colts (dungy-caldwell, polian).

We know Luck is coming out next year and we know he is legit. If we get him him we will be a good franchise for a decade!! I say we trade away anyone over 28 and start over. Don't get me wrong, I love guys like DD and A-DUB, but there value is very high right now. and dockett needs to be in a 4-3 D, not a 3-4. 3-4 ends need to be space eaters. Dockett can do that but is way more valuable penetrating up the middle. trade him to Tennessee or Detroit for there 1 rounder next year. A dub is a stud and I want him to retire a cardinal from a personal perspective but for the good of the team see what he would fetch on the market. hell, it pains me to say it, but imagine the bounty that fitz would fetch!! use that to rebuild the team from the inside out. Draft some O linemen before the 15 round please.

Look has this has worked in the sports. Spurs throw their season and land Tim Duncan. what follows, championships and MVP's. Cowboys in the late 80's, trade away their best players, win 1 game the following year, then win 3 rings in 5 years.

I live in Canada, where unfortunately hockey reins and the Calgary flames are a perfect example of refusing to rebuild. they tried to keep adding pieces with no success and now they old and still no rings. their players are entering the twilight of their careers and are losing value.

Sorry to be jumping all over the place, but I read scorecasting recently (great book). it is basically freakanomics for sports and the book discussed 'loss aversion'. meaning psychologically we make decisions for or general well being. Coaches want to win so they do not lose their job. when keeping your job is the focus, you cannot take risks because you are afraid of the consequences. thus, if we give whiz security, he can make decisions that are in the long term interests of the team.

The Pats are an example of this. Traded seymor, samuel, dillion, branch etc., when there value was high and look at the result. the roster has been turned over and is up and coming and they stayed and elite team. We need to become a team that is dealing getting rid of high value players and instead of acquiring them (porter, faneca, anderson) and getting young hungry players. get player based on potential, not what they have accomplished, because the more they have accomplished the less they have left in the tank. 

Ideal scenario: go 0-16 next season, trim the fat, load up on picks, draft Luck and dominate the NFC for until 2020.

this year we need to accquire either von miller or peterson.

That is all. regardless of how good our players are, we will not win without a better oline and a better QB. We have an elite one waiting for us at standford.

That is all

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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