It's Time To Be Honest About Our QB Options

There has been much talk the last few weeks about what our beloved Cardinals will do about the dismal Quarterback situation.  Names are thrown around every week, here are the usual suspects: Kyle Orton, Carson Palmer, Matt Hasselback, Donovan McNabb, Marc Bulger, and Kevin Kolb.  It is about time we start being realistic about which of these guys are actual options, and which ones are wishful thinking.

Kyle Orton – He would be a good fit for our offense and I think we would be a shoo-in for the playoffs if we got him.  Unfortunately he is not available.  Every can agree Orton is a better option than the very raw Tim Tebow for the upcoming season.  There is no way the Broncos are going to put all their eggs in the Tebow basket so soon. He needs at least another year to learn how to be a pro QB and Orton is the perfect guy to hold the reins until he is ready.  (UNAVAILABLE)

Carson Palmer – Of all the names listed he would do the best in Arizona.  He has the big arm we want and the accuracy needed to hit the timing routes our offense thrives with.  Unfortunately the Bengals ownership already said they are calling his bluff and will let him retire. It sounds insane but the Bengals are just that kind of stupid.  (UNAVAILABLE)

Matt Hasselback – Matt has question marks.  He is old and oft injured, the chances of him making it through a season without his back crumbling to dust is pretty slim.  If you can look past that though he is a solid QB that could do well AZ with the receivers we have.  However, Matt is a loyal kind of a guy.  He likes the fans and they like him, there is no way he going to give the Seattle fans a big F*#% You by going to a division rival. This is especially true since he hates the Cardinals, Wilson in particular. There is a chance he may be available, but not to Arizona (UNAVAILABLE)

Donovan McNabb – Another guy with question marks.  Does he have the work ethic to be a good QB again?  Does he have any mobility left?  Will his persistent issues accuracy on the short crossing routes doom him?  I don’t know the answer but he does offer some exciting possibilities. Remember the 2008 playoffs when Warner was hitting Fitz for long plays every game? Remember the last two years when that never happened and how it crushed our offense?  If McNabb can do one thing it is throw a pretty long ball.  Imagine Fitz, Breaston, and Williams getting hit in stride on those big plays that were overthrown every time last season. It would open everything up including our running game.  The best thing about McNabb though is that he is wants to be here and is actually available.  If we want the guy he is ours.  I’m not saying he would definitely be great, there is a good chance he would completely suck, but unlike everyone above he is an option.  (AVAILABLE)

Marc Bulger – Is he the next Kurt Warner? It is almost the perfect imitation.  Released from STL because he was always injured then sent to another team for a season, it is like a storybook.  Has the year off revitalized what was once a playoff caliber QB.  There is no doubt he is a better option than anyone currently on the roster.  He has a shot to be solid again; if he can stay healthy and mostly upright he has the intelligence and accuracy to get us into the playoffs. He can also be had, he would love to play for the Cardinals. It gives him a chance to start, and the dynamic receiver he didn’t have his last few years in STL.  (AVAILABLE)

Kevin Kolb – There is a chance he could be the franchise QB the Cards have been looking for.  I have been watching tape and he has some skills. What worries me is that in his good games he had amazing protection from his O-Line. I am not sure how well he would do if faced with consistent pressure like he would face in Arizona.  There is definitely potential there that cannot be ignored, and the Eagles know it. I think they will shop him but will rape whatever team wants him. They have no incentive to take anything less than the kitchen sink, Kolb costs them very little next year and Vick is a big enough question mark that having a solid backup QB for him is a necessity.  It has been said they would give him up for a first round pick but that is total crap.  They will not party with him for less than a 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Or a 1st and a young impact player like DRC or Daryl Washington.  Whatever they ask for it will be not far behind what Denver demanded for Cutler a few years ago.  I think we could get him but the coaching staff would have to have no doubts about his chances of success.  I have doubts so I do not think he is worth what they will ask for him. (AVAILABLE BUT COSTLY)

In summation:

There are 3 available guys: McNabb, Bulger, and Kolb (please don’t let Vince Young be an option).  Bulger and McNabb have huge question marks but can be had without giving up draft picks.  Kolb can be had but getting him will cut deep .

I think it will be McNabb or Bulger, probably Bulger since the Cards passed on chances to get McNabb in the past.

What do you think???????

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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