New ROTB Logo "Contest"

The votes have been counted. We now have had over 300 votes in the poll to determine whether we will move forward in deciding on a new logo for Revenge of the Birds (or perhaps keep it the same). 56 percent were in favor of a new logo and another 21 percent were okay with the idea. 

So moving forward, to make it a community decision, we will do the following:

1. To make a change, we must have options. This means people need to submit logos, otherwise there can be no vote. The technical specifications are as such:

The logo size used on the blogs is 200 wide X 220 pixels tall. The best strategy is to send a high res 10:11 ratio image (such as an EPS, or 1000x1100 hi-res jpg) and we'll make the smaller sizes. An original PSD or EPS file as well would be ideal.

So what I need is by 11:59 PM AZ time (according to my computer) on July 31, for you to send me via email the jpeg and the original original, editable high-resolution file type.

2. After obtaining the entries, there will be a FanPost with the entries and a poll for the readers to choose their favorite after the writing team decides whether each logo will be considered. What is the criteria? Subjective opinion. The original logo and the decided entries will be considered. One of two things will happen after one week. If there are at least 200 votes and one logo has at least 10% more votes than any other individual logo, that will be the new logo to submit. If not, the image with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated and a new poll will be made, ad so on and so forth until there is a clear favorite.

3. For the "winner," we offer only the pride and satisfaction of having designed the site logo. Nothing of any monetary value will be awarded. However, you will be dubbed as the "super awesome person who designed the site logo" and shall be revered by the current blog manager as long as he is in the position. 


I am hoping for a few entries to choose from. Get started, you who know the magic of Photoshop. 

Now for the boring but important legal stuff and requirements....

Image limitations: 

Content Requirements: Your Entry must not: (a) violate any third party rights, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademark rights, or rights of privacy and publicity; (b) contain defamatory statements; (c) include threats to any person, place, business, or group; (d) be obscene or indecent; (e) depict any risky behavior, as determined by Sponsor (SB Nation) in its sole discretion; (f) contain any third party trademarks or logos; and (g) have been entered in any other contest or have been published or distributed in any other media. Sponsor reserves the right to refuse to post any Entry for any reason.

Entrant's Warranties and Representations: By submitting an Entry, you warrant and represent that: (a) the Entry is an original work created solely by you for entry in the Contest; (b) you own all rights to the Entry; (c) to the extent the Entry depicts any individual or features the voice of any individual, you are the individual pictured and heard in the submission, or, alternatively, that you have obtained written permission from each person appearing in the Entry to grant the rights to Sponsor described in the "Sponsor's Rights to Entries" section below, and can make written copies of such permissions available to Sponsor upon request; and (d) the Entry complies with all
requirements of these Official Rules.

Sponsor's Rights to Entries: By participating, you: (a) irrevocably grant Sponsor, its agents, licensees, and assigns the unconditional and perpetual (non-exclusive) right and permission to copyright, reproduce, encode, store, copy, transmit, publish, post, broadcast, display, publicly perform, adapt, modify, create derivative works of, exhibit, and otherwise use your Entry as-is or as-edited (with or without using your name) in any media throughout the world for any purpose, without limitation, and without additional review, compensation, or approval from you or any other party; (b) forever waive any rights of copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights, and any other legal or moral rights
that may preclude Sponsor's use of your Entry, or require any further permission for Sponsor to use the Entry; and (c) agree not to instigate, support, maintain, or authorize any action, claim, or lawsuit against Sponsor on the grounds that any use of the Entry, or any derivative works, infringes any of your rights as creator of the Entry, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademark rights, and moral rights.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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